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List 2 hormones produced in the kidney.

Produces renin (influences fluid & electrolyte balance and blood pressure)
Produces erythropoietin (promotes rbc formation)


How would define a renal lobe?

Renal lobe
renal pyramid plus cortical tissue overlying its base and covering its sides


The projection of each medullary pyramid into the lumen of a minor calyx is called:

Renal papilla


What components of a nephron are contained within a medullary ray?

Collecting tubules and collecting ducts
Medullary ray is medullary tissue that projects up into the cortex.
Straight portion of PCT enters the medullary ray.


What is normally contained within the urinary space?

Urinary space is the part between the Bowman's capsule and the glomerulus
Glomerular filtrate flows through here.


Which component of the nephron begins at the urinary pole of Bowman's capsule?

Proximal tubule


What are the 3 components of the kidney filtration barrier?

1. Endothelium of glomerular capillaries fenestrated no diaphragms blocks blood cells & platelets
2. Basement membrane fusion product made by both endothelium & podocytes restricts large proteins
3. Filtration slits


What specialization of the apical surface of the epithelium lining the proximal tubules creates the brush border?

Microvilli, only found in the PCT


In which parts of the nephron are intercellular boundaries between epithelial cells not visible with the light microscope?



List the 3 parts of the loop of Henle.

1. Descending
2. thin (both descending and ascending)
3. Ascending

NOTE that a cross section of the thin limb resembles a cross section of a large capillary or small venule


What are the distinguishing morphological features of the macula densa?

Macula densa
(modified epithelial cells in the wall of the distal tubule)
columnar epith. nuclei close together
Found next to Bowman's capsule


Which type of nephron has the longest thin segments of the loop of Henle?

Juxtamedullary nephrons
most important in the production of hypertonic urine


The visceral layer of the glomerulus has what special kinds of cells?



How is urine collected?

Collecting tubules merge to form collecting ducts which open into the minor calyx.


How can you tell the difference between a collecting tubule and a PCT?

Visible and obvious intercellular boundaries in collecting tubules


What is the diff between collecting tubule and collecting duct?

Duct - columnar epi
Tubule - cuboidal epi


What are the components of the juxtaglomerular appartus?

Macula densa (blood osmolarity and volume sensing element)
Extraglomerular mesangial cells aka Lacis cells
Juxtaglomerular cells (produce renin)


What are juxtaglomerular cells?

Modified smooth muscle cells in the tunica media of the afferent arteriole.


What epithelium is found in the penile urethra?

Pseudostratified to stratified columnar, glands of Littre near the surface

Female urethra: stratified squamous with some pseudostratified columnar epith., surrounded by smooth muscle instead of erectile tissue