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How did Roman Catholicism grow to prominence?

By allying with Roman Government


At what point can we argue the Catholic Church was born?

By the 6th century


Was the church at Rome established by Christ himself through the apostle Peter?

No, there in no record of Peter as bishop of Rome. A list from a reliable source was provided of first 12 bishops of Rome, Peter's name was not there.


What are the 2 major splits off the Catholic Church (not counting their split off the apostolic church)

1st: 1054 Eastern churches broke away
2nd: 16th century Germany, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door


List 3 different areas we disagree with Catholics on

1. Purgatory
2. Praying for dead and to saints
3. The Fact of the Bible being made up of 66 books


Name briefly 4 reasons the apocrypha should be rejected

2. NT never cites apocrypha but cites OT
3. Apocrypha contains numerous historical, geographical, and chronological errors


What two foundations does the Roman Catholic Church teach authority rests on?

1. The Bible
2. The Church


How do you challenge a Catholic person to see truth?

Encourage them to read The Bible


What controversy started the Conservative resurgence of the SBC?

The commentary on the book of Genesis