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What was the historical event that caused the SBC conservative resurgence?

SBC experienced an intense struggle for control of the resources


What was the primary aim of the resurgence?

Reorienting the denomination away from a liberal trajectory towards an unambiguous affirmation of biblical errancy


What did the SBC do to the theologically moderate and liberal leaders?

Voted them out of office


What do all the rest of the Calvinist theological points rise and fall with?

Total inability


What does Acts 17:30 show about Calvinism?

Calvinist use this scripture to argue that God will not condemn nonbelievers but that God will judge them by their works. Saved by works


What was the title of Whitefields famous sermon?

Dangers of an Unconverted Clergy


Is sanctification a second or third work of grace? Explain

No, neither. Sanctification is a process of becoming free from sin


What is the starting point in talking to other denominations about holiness?

Apostolic didn't start holiness, we just still believe it


How has the UMC moved, so far from Wesley, even to embracing the social gospel and pro-homosexual stances?

They completely lost holiness and were trained by pro-gay seminaries


What trends should we be careful of informed by the UMC struggle?

-loss of holiness
-gay rights


How had COGIC distinguished itself from denominations and other black communities in the past?

Overemphasis on holiness


What is the crisis of identity in COGIC now?

The identity of a "sanctified" or "holiness church"


What issues split the ELCA like did the Episcopolians?

They stopped preaching law & the gospel. They no longer felt the need to be saved


Where do JW get 95% of their people?



Who do JW says Jesus is and how can you refute it?

That Jesus is an archangel Michael but Heb 1 teaches us that Jesus is "better than the angels"


What do atheist lose?

Morals, uniformity of nature, universal concepts & laws, human dignity