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How many countries make up the Middle East?

Approximately 18 depending on if you count Kurdistan. Picture a dog barking on top of the map.


Who like the Middle East horse and why?

Y men like his forehead? Because his nose looks like a man. Oman Yemen


What does the horse say? And what else do you notice about him?

A unique Arab mouth has a Tongue that's says BAH QUA with a sausage like neck! Bahrain Qatar Saudi Arabia


How many hearts does the Middle East horse have?

3 Hearts do serious love that Is Pale and an Irate heart loves Jordan's Kung Fu and weights. Syria Lebanon Palestine Iraq Israel Jordan Kuwait


What has happened to the Middle Eastern Horses front legs?

The front legs have turned.  Turkey


What is the middle eastern horses rib cage made of?

Iron ribcage Iran


What are his is his back leg doing?

It is turned Turkmenistan


What is his second back leg doing?

His other back leg is not a leg but a usb memory stick. Uzbekistan


What is the name of the horse and where does the information leak out of? 

His name is TAJ AF and the information leaks out the back of the USB. 


Tajikistan Afghanistan


Where is his PA Kissing TAJAF? What size is his tail and what is he trying to do while he is upset?

PA KISsing his back. Thin tail crying to Stand. Pakistan Kyrgyzstan


What is the Mnemonic Image for the Middle East?


Name all the Countries in the Middle East Map Here.


What Country Is This?

Nagorno-Karabakh Republic


What Country Is This?