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What is a rentier estate?

Those states that derive all or a substantial amount of their national revenue by selling their natural resources, such as oil, to external estates, rather than from taxation


What is feminism?

Belief in equality for men and women across all factors. A person's rights, status and privileges shouldn't be determined by their gender


What are honour killings?

The killing of a relative, usually a women or girl, who is perceived to have dishonoured the family


What is obstetric fistula?

A hole between the vagina and rectum caused by prolonged labour. Often referred to as 'the disease of poverty'


What is female genital mutilation?

Practice of totally removing the external genitalia of young girls/women for non-medical reasons


What is polygny?

A man with multiple wives


What is orientalism?

Assumptions made by the West about the Middle East, which are taken as the truth without proper examination


What are news values?

Guidelines used by media outlets to determine how much prominence to give to a story


What is framing?

The media focuses or does not focus attention on certain events which controls the way an issue is discussed


What is agenda setting?

Influencing the importance on the topics of the public agenda


What is a refugee?

A person with a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality or political opinion, is outside their country of origin and is unable to avail themselves to the protection of that country


What is an Internally Displaced Person?

Someone who is forced to flee their home but remains within their countries borders