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list 3 other printed sources of information

1. Newspaper
2. Trade journal
3. Magazines


what are 3 government publications available to you?

1. Onet
2. Career info net
3. Occupational outlook handbook


What is the holland 6 categories

1.realistic -Doers
2.Investigative- thinkers
3.Artistic- creators
4.Social - helpers
5.Enterprising- persuaders
6.Conventional- organizers


why is conducting research important. list the six steps

1. decide what occupation to research
2. research the industry and functional areas
3. learn about current events affecting your area of interest
4. identify relevant professions
5. locate useful websites on the net
6 identify key employers and associations


list three other printed sources of information

1. newspapers
2.trade journals


what are the most commonly used job search resources

1.classified adds- allows you to explore options
2.promote yourself through mail and email-spreads you around for employers
3.using employment agencies- provide e


Define networking

networking is the activity of developing and maintaining professional contacts.


interviewing for information what is the purpose what is the process?

the purpose is gathering useful information
the process is determining if you would like that work.


what is E-S-T-J

Sensing - practical
Think - logical
Judging - formal


What is I-I-f-p

Introverted-reserved '
Intuitive - imaginative
Feeling - tender
Perceiving - active


what are some qeustions to anwser when conducting research?

1. what are the job duties and expectations
2. is this company interesting to you
3.what is the employment out look for this industry
4.who are typical employers in this field