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When did authorship come into question regarding the Pastoral Epistles and why?

Modern-era. Liberals claim that Paul's fellow apostles patched together extracts from his correspondence, and they composed the rest of these letters themselves.


What five arguments did liberalism use to cast doubt on Paul’s authorship of the Pastoral Epistles?

1. Greek synax differs from Paul's usual style
2. Words are unusual
3. Theological teachings do not contain typical Pauline doctrines
4. Historical and geographical references do not match Paul's recorded travels.
5. Church organization seems more rigid then in 1 Corinthians.


What are eight arguments which refute claims against, and also argue for, Pauline authorship of the Pastoral Epistles?

1. Person's grammatical style and choice of words change over time.
2. Strong possiblitlity it was dictated to a scribe
3. Style of expression are dictated by topic.
4. Psendopigraphal
5. Unmistakable tenets of Paul's strongly asserted.
6. Local and personal references make sense...freed from Roman prison.
7. No Greek manuscripts exist that do not credit Paul as the author.
8. Critics of Pauline authorship disagree on which parts are Paul's and which are others.


What is at risk in the Pastoral Epistles, regarding authorship?

Their distinctive teachings can be marginalized and explained.


Discuss Paul’s purpose for writing 1st Timothy including the two things Paul deals with specifically?

Right Christian believe and right Christian living are linked.


Discuss two reasons why it is dangerous not to be called by God to Pastor and attempt to:

Because you rely on your own strength.
You will be tempted to quit.


Show two things about the necessity of knowing a Pastor is called by God:

Pastor has responsibility to ensure correct doctrine is taught in the church.
Must have 3 things in operation: faith, love, and a good conscious.


Who has the primary responsibility to ensure correct doctrine is taught and what natural practices follow from this principle?

1. Before they teach they must be approved by the pastor.
2. Pastors need to be aware of lessons used in church.
3. Teacher must keep pastor informed or material.
4. Guest speaker must be approved by pastor.


In 1 Timothy 1:15 Paul discusses the importance of humility. Why did Paul include his testimony here and how does it inform what some consider the most important characteristic of leaders the way we should look?

Uses his own experiences. Gives freedom from pride. "...I am chief sinner..." NOT "...I was..."


How does Paul’s advice in chapter 1:18 on spiritual warfare prep us for ministry?

Ministry is warfare.


What did Paul mean by, “he had delivered some unto Satan”?

Excommunicated them so they won't have the protection of the church.


What are the two goals or ends that church discipline aims at?

Repent and return to God.


What does Paul mean in 1st Timothy 2: 11-12 regarding who can teach?

If you have improper dress then you can't teach.


What does “husband on one wife” mean?

Not been divorced unless it happened before you were saved or it's justified.


What physical issue is discussed in 1st Timothy 2 which rightly disqualifies woman from ministry?

Improper dress.


What physical issue is discussed in 1 Corinthians 11 & 14 which rightly disqualifies woman from ministry?

Cutting hair.


How does a woman stay under her covering?

Obeying the Word.


What do men without clean hands usually lead woman to do according to 1 Timothy 2?

Dress provocatively.


Explain 1st Timothy 2:15.

She's saved from the gnostic teaching "...if she continues in faith..."


Can a woman be a bishop/elder/Pastor? Show scriptural support.

Yes! Rom 16:1 (Deacons), Rom 16:7 (Apostoles), 2 John (Pastors)