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How many writings are there in the NT?

27 writings


What are three main literary categories?

Gospels, letters, and an apocalypse


What are the two classifications for the authorship of the Pauline letters, and why are there two?

Pauline and Deuteropauline, the Pauline scholars are sure that Paul wrote, the Deutero they are almost sure that someone else wrote it in Paul's name but not Paul himself


What are the main themes in Mark's Gospel? In Matthew's? In Luke's? In John's? Why are they important?

Secrecy about Jesus' messianic identity
The disciples' lack of understanding Jesus and his teachings
The suffering of Jesus

Jesus' affirmation of the Mosaic Law (Torah) to his followers

Has special interest in establishing his version of Jesus' story among other ancient Greco-Roman and Jewish historical narratives
He deemed earlier written sources such as Mark and common source known as Q to be extremely valuable but required the skillful hand of a trusted historian for ordering and interpretation
Incorporates numerous fascinating stories as well as women as followers of Jesus and a concern for the poor (only in Luke does Jesus instruct the "very rich" to sell "all" that he owns.

Acknowledges that he writes to inspire faith in Jesus and also provides figurative "I am" sayings of Jesus
Emphasizes the role of Jesus the Word in creation


Why are they important? (Gospels)

They are important so that we understand the different authors and their possible biases, it also helps us identify them.


What is the "Synoptic Problem"? Describe the hypotheses used by most scripture scholars to explain it.

The synoptic problem is the problem that arises when scholars realized that mark, Matthewu and Luke shared a lot of the same information but were different enough to suggest that they were written by different authors and at different times. The hypothesis used has two parts, part one saying that Mark was the first author and that Matthew and john took from his gospels to write their own. Then it adds that the Q source donated to both Matthew and Luke, but that an M source donated to Matthew alone and an L source donated to Luke alone.


What are the four principles for reading early Christian letter? Why are they important to follow?

Author, Audience, Opponents, and Purpose/occasion. They are important to consider because it can help us realize possible bias and a context to let us take the writing into consideration.


What is the tension between faith and good works in Paul and other NT authors? How do you evaluate this tension today?

In Galatians, Paul responds that there is freedom in Christ and that should govern conduct in place of the Mosaic Law (Torah). He deemed works of the Mosaic Law entirely unnecessary, including circumcision.
"Yet we know that a person is justified not by the works of the law but through faith in Christ Jesus…" Gal 2:16
The Ephesians theology differs at several points and is thought to be deuteropauline "FOr we are what he [God] has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works…" Eph 2:8-10
James also believes works are important, but not specifically to works from Mosaic Law "What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but do not have works?" Jas 2:14-17


What does tanak mean?

It is the Hebrew Bible that stands for Law prophets and writings.


What are the three divisions of Tanak?

Law, Prophets, and Writings Tora, Nevi'im, and Ketuvim


What does Torah mean?

J- Uses Yahweh as name for God, anthromorphic view of God

E- Uses Elohim as God, and sees him as more transcendent

D- Second Law, reflects king josiahs reform

P- Emphasizes priestly concerns, legal and cultic aspects during debacle of Exile in 6th Cent.


Explain the Sinai Covenant and its conditions

Covenant that when Moses and the people arrive at Mt. Sinai, if they obey his voice and keep his covenant that they will be his treasured possession out of all the peoples, "Indeed the whole earth is mine, but you shall be for me a priestly kingdom and a holy nation"


Who were the first three kings of Israel?

Saul, David, and Solomon


To what historical event does the feast of Hanukkah refer?

The cleansing after the "abomination of desolation" and made possible when after the Maccabean revolt where Judas fought off Atiochus' soldiers


What does the word apocalyptic mean?

Reveal or uncover, what apocalyptic literature reveals is how God will ultimately be victorious over evil.


What are the three touchstones that structure Christological reflection?

All Christology derives from story
All Christology is rooted in an experience of Salvation
All Christology springs from the conviction that in Jesus Christ the presence of God has been revealed and has taken hold of the world in an unprecedented way.


What does the word Christ mean?



What does the word eschatological mean?

Study of the last things literally, study of history's ultimate future


What does the "kingdom of god" mean?

1) It is symbolic and undefinable,
2) for Jesus it is not merely an idea, but a reality that comes through action, divine and human


What word and its meaning are conveyed in the image at the beginning of John's Gospel?

The Word/Logos
What was the theological concern at the Council of Nicea? At the Council of Chalcedon? Explain the development that lead from Nicea to the conclusions at Chalcedon.