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Focal length of a lens

distance from lens to the image sensor, determines a lens' magnification
Shorter focal length, less magnification
Longer focal length, more magnification


Zooming in vs Zooming out and example

Zooming in is increasing the focal length, zooming out is decreasing it

Zooming out occurs in eight grade while the camera is on the puberty video, while Kayla is part of the band


Pan and example

otherwise stationary camera rotates about x-axis, reveals the size of a crowd

ex: Opening shot of country doctor
Opening shot of Apocalypse now


Tilt and example

Camera rotates about y-axis (up and down)

ex: Tilting in eye of the sky by the drone to reframe


Cant and example

Camera rotates about z-axis (no longer aligned with horizon)

ex: Kayla looking at her phone in eight grade
The drone rotating sideways in the air from the drones perspective


Tracking shot/Dolly shot, Handheld camera and example

the camera is moving as it follows the subject

ex: Keaton following thief guy?
Kayla walking into school Eighth Grade


Extreme long shot and example

About 3:1 and above ratio of character and frame

ex: In Selma we are shown the militia on the bridge from very far away


Long shot and example

2 to 1 ratio of character to frame

ex: Fargo, Marge's view of the wood-chipper
Keaton sweeping up trash in front of theater


Medium long shot and example

knees up with space above head

ex: Selma marching across bridge with other religious heads
Gosling and Carell talking at mortgage conference


Medium shot and example

waist up, space above head

ex: Keaton looking into sweet shop


Medium close up and example

chest to top of head

ex: Selma marching across bridge with other religious heads
How to be a detective


Close up and example

chin to just above head

ex: Burry playing drums Secret of the Grain when they are eating food around the dinner table


Extreme close up and example

cutting off top and bottom of face

ex: The good/bad/ugly man steps in front of camera


Rack Focus/Focus Pull and example

Change point or plane of focus, focal length does not change

ex: Blind Side car scene, alternate focus on mother and football guy
Notably absent in Eighth Grade car scene


Sound Bridge and example

diegetic audio carries over to adjacent scene

ex: Kayla karaoke party to video of confidence
8 and a Half ride of the valkyries, think the music is non-diegetic but it is diegetic


Match on action and example

an editing technique in which we cut from an action beginning to the completed action (see action in both shots)

ex: The dark knight- shooting shotgun
Throw baseball -> cut to catching baseball


Graphic match and example

creates a cut between two shots that juxtapose their graphically similar images.

ex: herd of sheep v crowd, hot dog maker to escalator crowd
ex: Bone scene in 2001: A space odyssey


Wide angle lens and example

short focal length, amplify depth and curve space

ex: I am Cuba clip that was shown in class


Normal lens and example

medium focal length

ex: Most shots are shot with a normal lens


Telephoto lens and example

long focal length and high magnification, flatten space, few things in focus, compresses depth

ex: Bridge shot in selma before it cuts to archive footage
Drone footage eye in the sky
Koyaanisqatsi footage of road


Jump Cut and example

cut between two shots that are too visually similar

ex: Breathless as it cuts constantly on the back of patricia's head in car
Ben-hur rowing boat roman
Buster Keaton’s character in the fake movie
Harlem Shake


Low angle shot and example

camera low to the ground and angled up

ex: Kayla is walking to the pool in Eight Grade
Selma most of the time when Dr. King is giving a sermon


High angle shot and example

camera high and angled down

ex: Eighth Grade looking down on schoolmates in the pool


Eye level shot and example

match character eye level

ex: Eyeline shot in Selma at King and his friends locking arms as they march


Overhead/Bird's eye view shot and example

camera is above something and looking down

ex: Pretty much all of eye in the sky


Fade and example

start with a solid color (almost always black) and one image gradually brightens while the other dims

ex: Fade into the trees about to get napalmed in apocalypse now (first shot)
Last shot of Sherlock Jr


Dissolve and example

gradual transition from one image to another

ex: Apocalypse Now while reading the letter


Wipe and example

linear barrier

ex: Soylent green→ shot of airplane to shot of junkyard


Reframing and example

alter the angle/position/framing of camera to keep character in frame

ex: Camera tilts up to keep Citizen Kane in shot
Eye in the Sky when the drone is reframing Alia


Long take and example

shot lasting much longer than conventional (1 min+ without cut)

ex: Citizen Kane→ talking in house
First shot of Moonlight


Eyeline match and example

connects a shot of someone looking to a shot of what they’re looking at

ex: Dark Knight bank manager shooting his shotgun


Diegetic/Non-diegetic sound and example

within the story space (character can hear) or not within the story space (Darth Vader intro)


Parallel Editing and example

cuts back and forth between two lines of action to indicate they are happening simultaneously

ex: Breaking into safe and shooting at front of bank in Dark Knight


Symmetry/Asymmetry and example

symmetry is used to represent order, and asymmetry represents disorder

ex: Symmetry in scenes of Wes Anderson movies represent order

Stairs after the bomb went off in Selma look all jagged

King and Johnson opposite the painting of George Washington


Shot/Reverse shot and example

puts two characters in conversation according to the 180* rule

ex: Selma→ Oprah and voting guy talking


Sound perspective and example

where the sound is coming from, distance, objects between

ex: Prison scene with opera - Shawshank Redemption


Onscreen/offscreen sound and example

sound that is either has a visible source onscreen, or is coming from somewhere out of the shot (offscreen)

ex: 8 ½ orchestra playing ride of the valkyries


Subjective/Objective sound and example

Character is ignoring different sounds, character is focused on different sounds, character is hearing sounds the others would not

ex: All that jazz→ drugged artist guy was hearing only his pencil while people were reading his script


Sound editing vs. sound mixing and example

editing is creation, mixing is arrangement

ex: Editing→ Creation of rocket sound in interstellar, lightsaber sound
Mixing→ Lot of silence in interstellar, alter opera in shawshank


Color palette and example

the collection of colors used for a film, chosen for how they influence emotion

ex: Fanny and alexander→ family around table, black and white room


Aspect ratio and example

ratio of width of projected image to height

ex: The General used a lower aspect ratio than usual


Three point lighting and example

An efficient system developed for film lighting. In a standard lighting setup, the key light illuminates the subject, the fill light eliminates shadows cast by the key light, and the back light separates the subject from the background

ex: Scarlet Street→ woman at table with candle and window


Zoom and example

lens with variable focal length

ex: The beginning of Eight Grade was shot with a zoom lens, it is zooming out
Zoom in to key in Notorious


Foley and example

A foley artist is a crew member who works in post-production to create the sounds of the story world

ex: Chewbacca roar


Direct Sound and example

Sound is being recorded at the moment of filming, opposite of dubbing

ex: Need example


ADR/looping and example

automatic dialogue replacement, the actor re-records dialogue

ex: Once upon a time in the west→ old dude


What are the seven types of shots?

Extreme long shot
Long shot
Medium long shot
Medium close-up
Extreme close-up