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What are hot springs? (Minor extrusive tectonics)

Formed when rain and snow seeps through bed rock and becomes superheated from the molten rock below


What are the 4 main forms of minor extrusive activity? (Minor extrusive tectonics)

•hot springs
•mud pots


What are Geysers? (Minor extrusive tectonics)

Rare forms of hot springs that form when plumbing constrictions prevent the superheated water from circulating - pressure builds and eventually blows


What are mud pots? (Minor extrusive tectonics)

Steaming vents of hydrogen sulphide and heated pools of surface water turning underlying rock into clay


What are fumaroles? (Minor extrusive tectonics)

Hydrothermal features with limited water supply that boils before reaching the surface. Steam emerges from the vent