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Flaccid paralysis is an _____ motor neuron disease.
possible differentials?

lower motor neuron
1. Coral snake
2. Tick paralysis
3. Myasthenia gravis
4. clostridium botulinum
5. Polyradiculoneuritis


stiff paralysis is an _____ motor neuron disease



(coral snake) anti-venom moa

Ach receptor block


landmarks for placing feeding tubes
v. gastric?

How much do you feed?

esophageal - ribs 7-9
gastric - last rib

25% RER on Day 1, 50% day 2 etc.


Signs of lesion of the:
oculomotor (III)
Trochlear (IV)
Trigeminal (V)
Abducent (6)
glossopharyngeal 9
accessory 11
hypoglossal 12

lateral and ventral - oculomotor (III)
rotational - Trochlear (IV)
drop jaw/ muscles of mastication - Trigeminal (V)
medial strabismus - Abducent (6)
gag - glossopharyngeal 9
trapezius - accessory 11
tongue deviatoin - hypoglossal 12


cat absesses usually have what kind of bacteria?

g- bacteria


Intrahepatic shunt

-stent with coil (no a great surgical option)
cutting off too fast causes portal hypertension, v/d (blood in GI)
- can give lactulose ( for hepatic encephalopathy, dec. pH in intestines by inc H+ and creating NH4+ which can't cross the BBB
- can also give abx for ammonia producing bacteria in gut (neomycin, ??)
- restrict protein in diet (predisposes them to urates(made from purines) urates are converted to allantoin in liver (when liver disease is present cannot convert as much, increases uric acid/ urate)
-Dalmations and english bulldogs are predisposed (to urates?)`


purine pathway

drug that can block one of those steps?

purine -> xanthine -> urate(uric acid) -> allantoin

Allapuranol (blocks xanthine -> urate; get xanthine stones)


perineal herniation is associated with

testosterone (intact males)


Kidney Stones

CaOxalate more likely than struvites(infection)


nasal tubes landmarks

esophageal - 7-9th rib
gastric - last rib


possible sequela to facial nerve deficitf

exposure keratitis.
- CN VII is responsibe for lacrimation, when that is dimintioned theres EK.


Which nerve deficit causes...
- exposure keratitis?
- loss of motor muscles mastication?
- strabismus?
- nystagmus?

- exposure keratitis - facial 7
- loss of motor muscles mastication: 5 (mandibular branch)
- strabismus: 3, 4, 6
- nystagmus: 8