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Describe the cell cycle and specify the events which occur at G1, S, and G2 and mitosis?

1st. G1 is triggered. Growth 1: increase in size, and new organelles and proteins are produced. 2nd S. Synthesis : DNA is replicated. G2 is triggered. Growth 2: growth and preparation for cell division. Mitosis: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase, and Cytokenesis.


What occurs during Prophase?

Chromosomes condense, the nuclear membrane breaks down, the nucleolus dissapears, mitotic spindle become visible.


What occurs during Metaphase?

Chromosomes line up at the meta-plate, centrosomes move to opposite poles, sister chromatids are attached to the spindle fibres.


What occurs during Anaphase?

Sister chromatids are pulled (by the shortening of the spindle fibres) to opposite poles.


What occurs during Telophase?

nuclear envelope recreated, nucleolus reappears, and mitotic spindle disappears.


What occurs during Cytokenisis?

Animal cells: Furrow created, and cell split Plant cells: cell plate separates the two new cells and fuses