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Flexibility refers to

the ability to move a joint through an unrestricted, pain free ROM
Musculotendinous unit elongates as the body segment moves through the ROM


Dynamic flexibility refers to

the active ROM of a joint and is dependent upon the amount of tissue resistance met during active movement


Passive flexibility is the

degree to which a joint can be passively moved through available ROM and is dependent on the extensibility of the muscle and CT around the joint



therapeutic technique that lengthens shortened soft tissue structures and increases ROM


Ballistic stretching

High intensity, very short duration, "bouncing" stretch
By contracting the opp mm group, the pt uses body weight and momentum to elongate the tight muscle
Considered unsafe!


Prolonged low intensity mechanical stretching

An external force (5 to 15 pounds to 10% BW) is applied by positioning a pt with weight pulley and traction systems
Maintained 20-30 minutes of can be several hours


Dynamic splint does what

Maintains limb position at end range
typically left for 8-10 hours


A serial cast does what

Maintains limb position at end range
typically cast applied for 5-7 days


Active stretching is what

voluntary, unassisted movement by the pt provides the stretch force to the joint
15-30 sec hold


Facilitated stretching is what

Techniques in which the pt reflexively relaxes the mm to be elongated prior to or during the stretching technique (like PNF hold relax)


A quick stretch to a muscle stimulates

the alpha motoneurons and facilitates mm contraction via the monosynaptic stretch reflex


Myostatic contracture

involves a musculotendinous unit that has adaptively shortened with loss of ROM
usually occurs without specific tissue pathology and in two joint mm like hamstrings



abnormal union of membranous tissue resulting from injury or inflammation