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What are the advantages of numerical models?

-Often the cheap option
-Relatively fast
-Computer models produce pretty pictures


Why are physical models still needed? (advantages)

- not all equations describing fluid motion can be mathematically solved
-no analytical solution for complex, turbelent flows exist, always must make simplifications in terms of the flow characteristics, roughness etc


when are physical models used?

-Validation and calibration of numerical models(hybrid modelling)
-Testing of numerical model results
-cost saving for projects
-Providing design guidelines for hydraulic engineers (design charts such as the moody diagram)
-advancing fundamental understading of complex fluid processes
-when failure of a structure could be a catastrophe


which designs are physical models used?

-hydrualic structures e.g breakwaters, spillways, weirs, energy dissipaters
-rivers, estuaries
- ships, tall buildings, flow through pumps and pump intakes