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Two types of democracy are...



What is a constitutional monarchy

A monarchy in which the monarch is the ceremonial head of state


What is the order of the legislative process

+ first reading
+ second reading
+ committee stage
+ report stage
+ third reading
+ five steps repeated in opposite house
+ considération of amendments
+ royal assent


What are some powers of the prime minister

+ chair of the cabinet
+ power of patronage
+ power to declare war
+ principal figure in the HoC


What is a reserved power

A power that is held by the central government of the UK, the Westminster government. They tend to focus on broad nationwide issues.


What is a devolved power

A power held by the three devolved administration of the UK: The Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and the Northern Irish assembly


What are examples of a reserved power

+ defence and national security
+ welfare
+ immigration
+ foreign affairs


What are examples of devolved powers

+ health
+ education
+ local government
+ Benefits


What are political parties and why were they set up.

They are a group of people who have similar views and they were formed spot advertise that view and hopefully govern the country under those rules.


What is a collectivist mindset

To benefit as many people as possible, they believe that if there is a problem it is our duty as a society to fix it.


What is an individualist mindset

Purely self-benefiting and believe enta if there is a problem, the person involved should have to fix it.


How many constituencies are in the UK



How many voters are in a constituency



How often must a general election happen

Every five years


How can candidates campaign

- speeches
- posters rallies
- speaking to locals
- leaflets
- slogans
- social media


What is First Past the Post

A voting system in which there is a voting limit and the first person to pass it gains the seat. It is simple but doesn’t give an accurate representation of the National verdict. It benefits the larger parties


What is the Additional Member System

A voting system in which PR is used as the % of votes received= % of seats gained. This is more complex but fairer as it gives the overall verdict of the country at the time.


Why is parliament sovereign

As it is the highest legislative body in the UK. It is made up of commons and lords as well as the crown


What is a pressure group

A group of people with similar views that attempt to:
+ Influence government policy
+ promote a cause or interest
+ promote a specific issue


Why do they join together

As they have strength in numbers and will be heard louder if there are more of them across the country


What is an insider pressure group

A pressure group with strong links to the government such as the BMA. They consist of experts who advise the government to which the government often listen.


What is an outsider pressure group

A pressure group that isn’t linked to the government and often works with opposition parties. They are often more illegal in an attempt to get the publics eye


How does the media influence elections

- newspapers
- leader debate
- social media


What are trade unions

A group of people in the same profession who have the same view. The two main positions in a trade union are shop stewards and up union members.


What do union members do

- attend meetings
- pay fees
- elect officials
- stand for election


What do shop stewards do

- elected by members
- first point of contact for member
- recruit new members
- link between members and Union HQ


How do trade union take action

+ petitions
+ demonstrations
+ industrial action
+ restrictive practices: - go-slows
- work to rule