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Which legal body oversees the title and practice of Psychologists?

PsyBA - Psych board of australia


What is the current legislation overseeing psychologists' registration?

Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act, 2009


Since when did all the psych registration boards and other health professions combine?

It was decided (by COAG) in march 2008 that as of july 2010, a central body would oversee health professions registration - AHPRA

standards of registration for psychs also harmonised across states


What is the body that oversees all the health professions?

AHPRA - Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Assists with policy
Provides final approval of registration and accreditation standards, but does NOT have a role in individual registration and accreditation decisions - the individual boards do this for each profession first.


What were the original 10 health professions covered by APHRA?

- psychologist
- physiotherapist
- pharmacist
- dental care practitioner
- medical practitioners
- nurses and midwives
- optometrist
- chiropractor
- podiatrist
- osteopath


What are some more recent additions to the professions that are looked over by APHRA

- medical radiation practitioner
- chinese medicine phractitioner
- occupational therapists
- aboriginal and torres strait islander health practitioner


What is the primary role of the psyBA?

to protect the community


What are the other core functions of the PsyBa?

other than protecting the community...

1. overseeing registration of psychologists.
2. promoting standards of professional practice - eg. endorsing APS cord of ethics.
3. Investigating notifications and complaints against professional conduct of psychs
4. assessing practitioners who were trained overseas


What is the one way you can call yourself a 'psychologist'

to be registered as a psychologist with the PsyBA.

Even having done a pHd in psych, you need to register to be able to call yourself a psychologist


What are non-pracitising psychologists?

Professionals who have previously been registered as a general psychologist, but are currently not practising.

eg. pregnancy leave or overseas, but they want to retain some type of registration.


What are the 4 different levels of psychologist registration?

1. general - fully registered
2. provisional psych
3. non-practising
4. limited - limits time and where can practice


What is limited registration?

- form of registration for practitioners who do not have the qualifications to be fully registered as a General psych, but are allowed to practice for a limited time period in a specific function

eg. those who teach in a university or come from overseas to work for limited period


What is the eligibility criteria for general registration?

1. successful completion of approved coursework higher degree in psychology


2. a minimum of 480 full time days of approved psychological practice while registered as a provisional psychologist (4+2 route), after complete 4 years of undergraduate study in psychology


3. completing an approved one year post-graduate course and approved one year internship also while registered as provisional psychologist


4. having qualifications and experience that are substantially equivalent to or are based on similar competencies detailed in the prior routes to registration


What is the eligibility criteria for provisional registration?

- has completed an approved 4 year sequence of study in psych and...

1. is engaged in work of psychological nature whilst under supervision... 4+2 route or 5+1 route


2. is currently enrolled in an approved coursework higher degree in psychology, which is either a professional masters or professional doctorate program


What are the 3 pathways to get general registration?

4+2 route
5+1 route
higher degree route


How did the registration boards mandate ethical behaviour before june 2010?

the registration boards from different states each had an ethical code of expected behaviour...

the psychologists registration board of victoria (2009) called it the 'code of behaviour'

it is NOW a national code from the APS.


What is a mandatory notification?

- part of the health practitioner regulation national law act (2009)
- practitioners msut report to the national agency if they believe another practitioner has behaved in a way that presents SERIOUS risk to the public.

aiming to prevent harm to public.


WHO is mandated to report?

- all health practitioners registered under the health practitioner regulation national law act 2009

- employers of these practitioners

- education providers - if they believe a student has an impairment that may place the public at a substantial risk of harm.


What is notifiable conduct?

- conduct that must be reported. mandatory to report notifiable conduct..

1. practicing while intoxicated
2. engaged in sexual misconduct
3. placed the public at a risk of substantial harm in their practice bc the practitioner has an impairment
4. placed the public at risk of substantial harm bc they have practiced in a way that constitutes a significant departure from accepted professional standards


what are voluntary notifications?

- concerns about a psychologists' behaviour that is not mandatory for other professionals to report

- a practitioner whose registration was or may be improperly obtained bc they have the national board something false.
- a prac who is or may be practising with a physical or mental impairment, but does not pose substantial harm to the public
- a prac who is or may be practising in a way that is below the standard reasonable expected in their profession but does not pose substantial harm


What kind of notifications can the PsyBA investigate?

notifications about:

So basically any matter relating to the psychologist (or provisional psychologist) that may compromise their ability to practice....

due to their mental health, physical health, incapacity or alcohol problem, drug dependency, unprofessional conduct or misconduct or professional performance of the psychologist is simply unsatisfactory.


Who can notifications and complaints about psychologists be made by?

- any member of the public
- clients, friends or relatives of clients
- employers
- health services commissioner
- any other statutory body


What does the Health practitioner regulation national law act 2009 say about medical practitioners and psychologists?

The Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2009 states that medical practitioners must notify the board if a psychologist is suffering from an illness/condition that may seriously impair their ability to practise or undertake clinical training, and may put the public at risk.


What are some outcomes of notification investigations from the board?

- cautioning or reprimanding the psychologist
- imposing certain conditions on the psychologists' practice or registration including the psychologist getting a health assessment, counselling or further education or training.

can also refer the matter to a panel or tribunal for a hearing, or decide to take no further action


What are hearings?

Notifications or complaints can be referred to hearings by the psyBA to determine whether the conduct is unprofessional and determine the appropriate outcome.

There are two types of hearings - panel and tribunal hearings


What is the difference between panel and tribunal hearings?

Panel hearings are concerned with less serious complaints, and are more private than tribunal hearings, and don't permit public attendance or the media.


What are outcomes that can follow a panel hearing?

- issue a caution or reprimand
- impose conditions on the practitioner's registration
- suspend the practitioner's registration
- refer to a tribunal hearing
- OR take no further action


What is a tribunal hearing?

- For more serious complaints
- Each state has their own tribunal
- open to the public and media, and the findings of these hearings are published on the board website.

Aim is to determine appropriate course of action.


What is victoria's tribunal?

VCAT- Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

the Supreme Court.


What are some possible outcomes of tribunals?

- issue caution of reprimand
- impose conditions on the practitioner's registration
- fine
- suspend registration
- cancel the practitioner's registration
- take no further action