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What is repeat prescription collection service

Pharmacy collects any repeat prescriptions which have been ordered by patient from local doctors surgery, patient registers with pharmacy to authorise this


What is the electronic prescription service (EPS)

System where digital prescriptions come through


What is the chronic medication service

Serial prescriptions issued by GP over a period of 24 or 48 weeks after an initial review by pharmacist


What is minor ailment scheme

Patient presents to pharmacist with minor conditions such as headaches and colds, and the pharmacist can provide advice and treatment


What is national PGD

Allowed to supply POM in an emergency, can supply one cycle of repeat medication


What is direct referal

Scheme which operates outside of normal GP when pharmacist needs to refer patient to an out of hours doctor


What should you tell the patient to obtain informed consent

  1. How service works
  2. Scope of service
  3. How it can help the patient