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Index fossils

Fossils that are assumed to represent a certain period in earths past


Geological column

A theoretical picture in which layers of rock from around the world are mashed together in a single unbroken record of earths past


The theory of evolution

A theory stating that all life on earth has one common ancestor that existed a long time ago


Explain in your own words how the Geological column is constructed

By comparing layers of rock found in various parts of the world using index fossils and the principle of superposition geologists order the layers into one big column that represents all earths geological history


How are index fossils used by you uniformation geologists?

To determine what time period A layer of rock represents


List at least four problems with uninformation as discussed in the text

1. Fossil graveyards with fossils from many different climates
2. Too many fossils
3. They assume the existence of paraconformitys
4. Index fossils are called into question by many animals thought to be extinct but now we know are not


List at least three problems with catastrophism that we discussed

1. No good explanation for the existence of unconformities between layers layed down by the flood
2. No explanation for fossil structures that looks like they were formed in normal situations
3. Not yet explained the enormous chalk deposits


Why does the fossil record offered no evidence for evolution?

No fossils that are undeniably intermediate links


Why does the fossil record offer evidence for the idea that God created each plant and animal individually?

No fossils that are undeniably intermediate links.