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What is characterization?

Acting as a different person, or character, through actions, dialogue, costumes, and makeup


What is a stock character?

A character that stays that same during the whole play.


What is a stereotypical character?

A character whose tag, or label, identifies a group of people or a segment of society.


What is mannerism?

Simple behaviours, such as biting of nails or twisting of the hair, that are unconsciously repeated


What is a monologue?

A speech spoken by one person, showing/expressing personal feelings or emotions.


What is a soliloquy?

A monologue spoken when a character is alone.


What is analyze?

Carefully studying or examining critically how a character acts


What is first person?

Acting or speaking as if your the character.


Why do beginning actors sometimes choose to portray stock characters?

Because the stock character stays the same during the whole play, this helps the beginners get used to being a character.


Why should actors become "people watchers"?

Because actors will choose different personalities, from watching how people act, and add it to a character for a play


What's the difference between external and internal characteristics?

External characteristics are the outward appearances and internal characteristics are like getting to know the person and what their inward appearance is.


What are some mannerisms that you could use in a character?

Nail biting, playing with hair, playing with pens/pencils, tapping of foot, shaking of leg, drawing/doodling on paper, or raising of the brow.


How can character analysis help the actor develop a character?

The actor carefully studies how people interact with other to how they act when they are alone, then they take certain personalities from "people watching" to develop a character.


What are the 5 things that the playwright should tell the audience immediately?

Who is speaking to whom?
What is happening?
When is it occurring?
Where is this occurring?
Why is this happening?


What's the difference from monologue and dialogue?

Monologue is when one person is talking about there feelings and emotions. Dialogue is when two characters are talking to each other.


What's the difference between monologue and soliloquy?

Monologue is when one is expressing ones feelings or emotions, other characters can be on stage at the same time. In a soliloquy, the character saying the monologue is alone on stage.


How should one prepare for a monologue performance?

Memorizing, tape-record yourself, saying it to a mirror, or performing it for your family or friends.


Describe steps an actor can use to effectively perform a monologue.

Walk on stage as yourself. Say your introductory remarks, as yourself. Pause after the introduction, allowing you to get into the character. The first words should immediately create a picture in your audiences minds. Imagine your character in the setting. If your talking to someone, make it look like it. Stay as the character for ten whole monologue. Pause after saying the monologue, become yourself again. Leave the stage.