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What are the steps in the motor exam?

1) Upper limb tone
2) Upper limb power
3) Upper limb reflexes
4) Lower limb tone and clonus
5) Lower limb power
6) Lower limb reflexes
7) Abdominal reflexes


What are the steps in the exam to test coordination?

1) Finger-nose coordination
2) Heel-shin coordination
3) Dysdiadochokinesis
4) Drift
5) Romberg's test


What are the steps to test gait?

1) Normal walk and turn
2) Heel-toe tightrope walking
3) Tip toes
4) On heels
5) Squat down and rise up


What are the steps to test sensory function?

1) Test light touch
2) Pain perception
3) Finger proprioception
4) Proprioception of hallux
5) Proprioception of joint position
6) Vibration sense


How do you test upper limb tone?

Hold hand as if going to shake it
Supinate and pronate forearm, flex and extend elbow, roll the wrist


What movements do you test the upper limb power for?

Finger extension and flexion
Finger abduction
Opposition and abduction of thumb
Wrist flexion and extension
Elbow flexion and extension
Shoulder abduction and adduction


What are the upper limb reflexes you test?

Biceps, triceps, supinator, finger jerk


How do you test lower limb tone?

Roll the knee sideways and backwards
Flex and extend the knee


How do you test for clonus in the the lower limb?

Sharply dorsiflex foot, bend knee, hip externally rotated


What movements do you test for power in the lower limb?

Hip flexion/extension
Knee extension/flexion
Hip abduction and adduction
Extension of the big toe


What lower limb reflexes do you test?

Knee, ankle, plantar


How do you test the achilles/ankle reflex?

Foot slightly dorsiflexed, hip externally rotated, knee bent


How do you try to elicit a deep reflex?

Reinforce by clenching teeth or grasp fingers


How do you test abdominal reflexes?

Draw a blunt object over the four quadrants


How do you test finger-nose coordination?

Repeatedly touch nose and examiners finger
Repeat with eyes closed
Move finger side to side/up and down


How do you test heel-shin coordination

Run heel down front of opposite leg
Repeat with eyes closed


How do you test for dysdiadochokinesis?

Put the back of the hand on the other
Repeatedly pronate/supinate


How do you test for drift?

Close eyes and extend arms


How do you perform Romberg's test?

Stand with feet together and arms closed (be ready to catch)


How do you test light touch, perception of pain, perception of vibration?

Light touch: cotton wool
Pain: Neurotips
Vibration: 128Hz tuning fork on bony points


How do you test finger/hallux proprioception?

Stabilise proximal interphalangeal joint and move phalanx up and down
Ask them to identify up/down with eyes closed


How do you test proprioception of joint position?

Ask patient to touch the digit of one hand with another with eyes closed
Move limb into position and ask them to mimic the position on the opposite side