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What general equipment do you need for performing cervical smears?

Angle poise lamp, trolley, gloves, speculum, request form, couch


What do you need for a cervical smear?

Cervical broom, cytology solution bottle


What do you need for a high vaginal swab?

Labelled sterile swab and culture medium container


What should be included in your introduction?

Introduce, check patient details, explain procedure, gain consent
Ask if bladder is empty
Menstrual history
Discharge/abnormal bleeding, any concerns
Write number and name on bottle


How should the patient be positioned?

Lying in supine, knees and hips flexed and ankles close together


How do you insert the speculum?

Lubricate speculum
Introduce 90 degrees to opening position
Insert and gently rotate then open blades


What do you examine the cervix for?

Note appearance, discharge, bleeding, polyps/ulcers/cancers


How do you perform liquid based cytology in a pap smear?

Insert the broom into the os so the small bristles touch the cervix
Rotate 5 times
Push broom into the bottom of the jar x10, vigorously stir
Tighten cap so line on the cap is past line on the vial
Record patient DoB and name on vial


When should a high vaginal swab be performed and what should it be tested for?

When: if STI suspected, discharge, irritation/soreness of vagina/vulva
MC&S, candida, trich, gram film for BV, pH


How do you perform a high vaginal swab?

Open the swab but leave in the packet
Take swab from the posterior fornix or where there is discharge present
Place swab into the medium container


How do you withdraw the speculum?

Withdraw slightly before closing to avoid catching the cervix