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When the employer requires that the employee be available for work, and be able to report for work, in less than one and one-half hours, he shall be compensated at the rate of ___ hour’s pay or CTO for each ___ hour shift, up to five hours pay for each 24 hour standby period.

one, four


Representatives may be called upon to represent members Statewide. However, if the Representative is outside his/her area of primary responsibility, it shall not be on ____ ____ ____ except as otherwise provided in this Agreement. There shall be no more than one Area Representative and one alternate per work location.

State release time


Definition: A complaint is a dispute of one or more employees, or a dispute between the ____ and the Department, involving the application or interpretation of an existing written rule or policy of the Department.



Allowed up to __ hours of release time to assist an employee on a grievance or complaint at each level. Allowed up to __ hours of release time to assist in preparing for arbitration. Allowed up to __ hours release time to review an AA file and assist in preparation of the pre-disciplinary hearing (Skelly) response. Allowed release time to assist an employee during an AA interrogation. If the interrogation is at a time other than the Representative’s regularly scheduled shift, the shift shall be adjusted to the time actually spent in representation.



When there are __ or less hours between the end of shift and the time an employee must leave from the office to court, an employee shall receive OT for the intervening period. The Department ___ schedule the employee to work during this time period (shift continuation).

3, may


The State may, however, require the employee to take a breath test, and take appropriate action based on the results. In performing any substance abuse test, the State will agree that ___ samples shall be taken and stored and made available to the employee for alternate testing upon request. Information on an employee’s medical condition secured through a substance abuse test or conversations with the Medical Review Officer may be used to order a fitness-for-duty test, provided the “____ ____” which led to the drug test was based on objective symptoms. ____ or greater will be considered a violation of substance abuse policy

two, reasonable suspicion, .04


Employee shall receive compensation for a minimum of ___ hours for any reimbursable services contract. A __ hour minimum cancellation notice is required between 0800 and 1700 hours, Monday through Friday, prior to each scheduled work detail. If less notice, than employee entitled to $50.00 short notice cancellation. Employees, who have been unavailable for cancellation notification, shall contact their office within 24 hours of the scheduled work detail between 0800 and 1700 hours, Monday through Friday.

four, 24


Grievance procedure: Informal Discussion: Discussion with immediate supervisor within __ calendar days of event or circumstance causing grievance. Supervisor has __ calendar days to respond. If an employee fails to appeal within the prescribed time frame, the grievance is considered null and void. If (at any level) the State fails to respond within the prescribed time frame, the employee may take grievance to the next level.

21, 7

Note:2. Formal - Level 1: Formal - Level 2: Formal - Level 3: Formal - Level 4:


Commanders shall maintain current practice of scheduling shifts and days off. Commanders, by request of representative or operational needs, may make changes to the method of scheduling shifts and days off, provided a “___ ____ ____” is conducted. If representative initiates the request for schedule changes, Commander shall meet and confer to discuss requested changes

meet and confer


Up to __ hours per calendar year to participate in mentoring activities once they have used an equal amount of their personal time for these activities



One Representative at each Area office will be allowed __ hours of release time to distribute and discuss MOU. Time may be used in __ hour increments twice each quarter, on a mutually agreed date. CAHP will provide up to 1000 copies of MOU at cost to the State for its use.

4, ½


CTO: Required when in travel status not connected with enforcement duties. Balance shall not exceed ___ hours. May be used only in units of ¼ hours or multiples thereof



Business and Travel Expenses: State will reimburse for travel in excess of __ miles from home and headquarters.
Meals and incidentals for continuous short-term travel of more than 24 hours but less than __ days. Fractional day of travel at the end of a trip of more than 24 hours:
a. Breakfast - $7.00 - travel begins at or before 0600 and ends at or after 0800 hours.
b. Lunch - $11.00 - travel begins at or before 1100 and ends at or after 1400 hours.
c. Dinner - $23.00 - travel begins at or before 1700 and ends at or after 1900 hours.
2. For continuous travel of less than 24 hours:
a. Breakfast - $7.00 - travel begins at or before 0600 and ends at or after 0900.
b. Dinner - $23.00 - travel begins at or before 1600 and ends at or after 1900 hours.
3. Incidentals - ___ per day.

50, 31, $5.00


Bereavement leave: Authorized for death of parent, stepparent, spouse, domestic partner, child, brother, sister, stepchild, or any person residing in the immediate household of the employee. Authorized for up to three __ hour days per occurrence in a fiscal year. If employee is required to travel over __ miles one way, shall be granted an additional two days (CTO, sick leave, annual leave or vacation may be used).

eight, 400

NOTE: Bereavement leave for up to 3 eight hour days within a fiscal year is also authorized for death of grandchild, grandparent, aunt, uncle, nephew, mother-in-law, father-in-law, daughter-in law, son-in-law, sister/brother-in-law, or immediate family member of domestic partner. This is not per occurrence, only one per fiscal year.


Upon giving ___ hours notice to his/her immediate supervisor, an employee shall be permitted to participate in a State Civil Service examination during the employee’s work hours if the examination is during his/her work period



After a ____ consecutive day of sick leave usage, the Department may require the employee to provide verification of reason for sick leave usage from a physician. Sick leave may be used in increments of ___ ____.

second, 30 minutes


Call back time: An employee who has completed a normal work shift, or is on an authorized day off, when ordered back to work, shall be credited with a minimum of __ hours work time; Provided the call back to work is without having been notified prior to completion of shift, OR the notification is prior to completion of the work shift but the work begins more than ___ hours after the end of the regular work shift.



Shift Differential pay: As of July 1, 2008 the rates are $1.00 per hour when ___ or more hours fall between 1800 and 0100. $1.50 per hour when four or more hours fall between ___ and ____ hours

four, 2300, 0600


With employee’s _____ _____, Representative shall be permitted to inspect the employee’s personnel file during normal business hours. Cannot interfere with normal departmental business.

written consent


Business calls: Less than __ minutes = $10 compensation. Over __ minutes = compensation in accordance with overtime provisions.



Minor discipline: Disciplinary action of a suspension without pay for ___ ____ or less (excluding formal reprimands), or up to a __ percent reduction in pay for 5 months or less. This notice shall be served personally to the employee at least five working days prior to the effective date of the proposed discipline.

five days, five


After completing a shift, or on a day off, the officer may be credited with ___ hours of overtime if they respond by telephone to a subpoena from home. If they respond to office to conduct telephonic interview, then normal call back provisions apply



Informal step: Discussion with immediate supervisor within __ calendar days of event or circumstance causing complaint. Supervisor has __ calendar days to respond.


Note: 2. Formal - Level 1: Formal - Level 2: Formal - Level 3:

- Employee or State failure to respond results in same actions as with a grievance.
- Complaint records shall be filed separately from an employee’s personnel file and shall be considered confidential.


The state agrees to provide employees a bonus of __ hours of recruitment time off (RTO) to recruit a candidate who will succeed in a career as a CHP Officer. The recruit must graduate from the academy


1. can not be cashed out.
2.will have to be used within one year of the date earned.
3.employees can earn a maximum of 120 hours per year.
4.employees involved in recruitment, testing, screening and/or selection of candidates are not eligible


Grievance = _____ issues
Complaint = Written rule or ____ issues

MOU, Policy (including SOP)


Representative desiring access to a work location must state the purpose and request approval from the ____ ____ within a reasonable amount of time prior to an intended visit. Area Commander may restrict access for reasons of safety, security or operational needs. If access is denied or restricted, reasonable accommodations shall be made. Representative must obtain permission from his/her ___ ____ to engage, during duty hours, in business relating to this Agreement. Permission to engage in such activity shall be granted promptly unless it interferes with operations. If denied, an alternate time or accommodation is made.

Area Commander, immediate supervisor


Court appearance canceled less than 24 hours from appearance time, ____ paid to employee. Not eligible for the money if appearance is scheduled and canceled during assigned work shift.



Department shall grant a female employee’s request for an unpaid leave of absence for the purposes of pregnancy, childbirth, recovery, or the care of a newborn child, for a period not to exceed ___ ___ including any paid leave taken. Male spouse or male parent, shall be entitled to unpaid leave for a period not to exceed ___ ___ for the same reasons as above.
Note: Includes adoption

one year, one year


The Department will permit CAHP to use State facilities for membership meetings and conferences, upon reasonable advance notice. Representative can use State telephone to conduct Assoc. business so long as it doesn’t result in ____ ____ or interfere with business

toll charges


Employee may carry over accrued vacation credits to the following calendar year to a maximum of ___ hours (Annual Leave)