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A Grievance is defines as any _ concerning the _ or application of this MOU or of departmental rules and regulations governing personnel _ or _ and _?

Personnel practices and working conditions


What is Grievable? ??? need to finish

Board of Rights Decision, through Arbitration


What is NOT Grievable? "2"

An impasse in meeting or conferring upon the terms of proposed MOU
Probationary Employee Terminations Definition of Term "Personnel File" Under FBOR
Selection/De Selection of Employees to serve in an "acting Capacity"
"14 day suspension"


A Grievant is?

An employee orUnion when Grievance affect a class or group of Employees


Procedures of the Grievance process?

1. Informal Discussion with immediate "supervisor Then Formal where Supervisor gives an F226A"
2. Chief officer level of review "F226B by Grievant"
3. FIre chief level of review4. Mediation "Optional"5. Arbitration


Grievant has responsibility to discuss grievance informally with?

Immediate Supervisor


Grievance shall be waved if not presented to Immediate supervisor within, following the event?

15 Calendar days
Day grievance reasonably should have had knowledge of event


At the INFORMAL level Grievance may have representative when?

Member desires


Immediate supervisor shall notify the grievance and process the necessary documentation within _ following hi/her meeting with the grievance?

15 Calendar days


The report of the INFORMAL grievance discussion is?



If grievance is not settled at the Informal Discussion level, the Grievant may serve written notice of the grievance on form?



Step 2. "Chief Officer level" the form must be completed and served on said Chief Officer within _ of the receipt of the grievance response at step 1?

15 Calendar days of receipt of grievance


Step 2. The designated Chief Officer shall meet with the grievance and his/her representative, if any, within _ from the date of service. A decision and statement of the facts shall be rendered within _ of the meeting with the Grievant?

15 calendar days
15 calendar days


If Grievance is not settled at step 2. the grievance may, within _ following receipt of written response at step 2 or the last days of the responce period provided for in step 2, serve written appeal on form _ to the _ who shall forward it to the Fire Chief or Designee

15 calendars


If such notice is served, the Fire Chief or designee shall meet with the grievance, and his/her representative, within _ from the date of service. A written decision or statement of facts shall be rendered within _ from the date of grievance meeting?

15 Business Days
15 Business Days


If Mediation is chosen and a settlement is possible, the mediator may render an option. Such option is _ and _ be used during any subsequent arbitration?

Advisory Shall not be used


If a grievance is NOT settled, the grievant and Union may jointly file a written request for arbitration; an arbitrator shall be selected from a list of _ arbitrators within _ following the receipt of the list

7 arbitrators
7 calendar days


The decision of an arbitrator resulting from arbitration of a grievance shall be?

Binding upon the parties


A grievance following a decision by the Board of Rights may be submitted to ARBITRATION and must be filed within _ following the decision of the Board?

15 calendar days


Steps and time limits to the grievance process may be waved by?

mutual agreement


_ may file a grievance affecting a class or group of employees?



A grievance affecting a CLASS or GROUP of employees, shall be filed in writing to _ or designee, within _ following the day during which event occurred or reasonably should have knowledge of the event?

Fire Chief 15 business days


The department recognizes the right of each employee to represent _ or to be represented by a representative of _ in presenting of a grievance in the _ with his/her supervisor and in all review levels?

him/herself or his/her choice
Informal discussion


A response may be filed to an ADVERSE comment or PERFORMANCE evaluation entered in his/her personnel file within_?

30 calendar days


Members may review their personnel files under the following conditions?

Upon request During hours personnel department is open
Notification with business of department


If an employee believes that any portion of his/her file is mistakenly or unlawfully placed in his/her folder, the employee may request that the mistaken or unlawful portion be corrected or deleted. This request must be in _? The department shall notify the employee of its decision within _ or receipt of the request?

Writing 30 calendar days


If the department receives an outside request for disclosure of records from an employee's official Department personnel folder, the Department shall provide the employee notice of the request within _ of the departments receipt of the request?

3 work days


An INVESTIGATORY review shall be conducted at a date and time that us mutually convenient to the _, _ and _ within _ from the date the department electronically transmit the PSD interview notification to the employee and Union?

21 calendar days


In the event that Department determines that matter is TIME SENSITIVE and an investigatory interview is necessary, the employee shall have a minimum of _ to secure a representative?

90 min


Term "Time Sensitive" includes?

Significant Traffic Accidents
In custody deaths
Wrongful deaths
FF fatality
Serious Injuries, likely hood of litigation


Any locker, desk or other locked storage place used exclusively by an employee shall not be searched without the presence/consent except when?

Employee was given reason notice
Authorize representative to be present as witness
Employee refuses or fails to be presentEmployee must be informed prior to search


Arbitrators ability to schedule within _ days and submit written ruling within _ hours from close of hearing?

60 days
48 hrs


Dispute over definition of "personnel folder" under FBOR shall not be?



HOLIDAYS, _ days off in lieu of holidays each year? Employees on 4/10 receive an additional HALF day holiday XMAS eve (am) New Years Eve (am)

13 days


Employees who work on one of the holidays shall receive an additional _ for each hour? Thanksgiving, XMAS Eve, XMAS Day, New Years Eve.



VACATIONS, _ Calendar days vacation annually?Upon completion of 10 years of service, entitled to _ calendar days annually?

16 calendar days24 calendar days


If an employee remains on call for court and NOT required to appear to court, the employee shall receive?

3 hours at time and a half


During the presentation of a Grievance a member may be represented during what review level?

All review levels


The start of a "personal medical leave" for a members own serious health condition shall begin?

On the date requested by the employee


Maximum "FAMILY ILLNESS" max?

12 work days or 6 shifts


IMMEDIATE FAMILY members for use of family illness?

Current step parents
Step Child, Foster Child, Domestic partners child. grandchild, mother, fatherFather in law, Mother in law


SHOW UP pay member shall receive a minimum of?

4 hours straight time


Member will receive FLSA for pay when total work hours are over 204 hrs?

vacation leave


Supervisor must meet with Grievance within _ after the informal discussion?

15 calendar days


Minimum compensation a member would receive for APPEARING in COURT is?

2 hours at time and a half


Time permitted to secure representation for a NON-TIME SENSITIVE INVESTIGATORY interview is _?

21 calendar days


Cash payment for Overtime will be allowed for an initial period of _?

6 minutes


Court of competent jurisdiction is defined as a court within the county in which the employee resides or if outside the county of residence, the place of appearance must be within _ miles?

150 miles


Member assigned to 4/10 work schedule, shall be allowed to attend in all city sponsored BLOO DRIVES up to _ on City time?

2 hours


Members off duty on a Long-term leave where their EMT certification expires, shall obtain EMT cert. within _ of their return to duty date?

2 months


Platoon duty personnel may accumulate _ hours of banked time?

432 MOU
216 MOP


Maximum time and a half rate paid for a person who testifies at a BOARD of RIGHTS, regardless of hours spent at the hearing when OFF duty is?

3 hours at time and a half


Minimum duration of "BONDING LEAVE" is _ and on any TWO occasions an employee is entitled to such bonding for a time period of not less than ONE day but not less than_?

two weeks
two weeks


Supervisors of members assigned to a 4/10 schedule, shall ensure not less than _ days prior to members transfer to PLATOON DUTY that all banked time accrued is taken off?

60 days


Member may take FAMILY LEAVE for a "SERIOUS CONDITION" requiring an absence greater than _ days involving CONTINUING treatment or supervision by health care provider

3 days


Whenever the Department assigns an employee on a TEMPORARY basis to perform the full range of duties of a vacant higher position, Department shall initiate action to appointed qualified employee to said position in the event the assignment exceeds?

30 consecutive calendar days


Management has the right to request and verify certification os a SERIOUS health condition by a health care provider, under the family and Medical Leave. Management shall allow employee at least _ to obtain the medical certificate?

15 calendar day


A subject of an investigation will NOT be provided notice and informed of the nature of the investigation when the Fire Chief has determined that?

The charge is serious and warrants placing the member under investigation


Any changes to the Manual of Operations shall be provided electronically to the Union by the Department at least _ prior to the effective date of the change?

72 hrs


Matter alleged to be both a Grievance and an Unfair labor practice may be processed as?

Either or but NOT as BOTH


Major Holidays that an employee receives additional compensation for each hour worked?

New Years EVE


Employee shall be allowed to accumulate a maximum of _ working days for SICK LEAVE at 100% pay?

136 hours


Employees assigned to a 4/10 sick leave with full pay not to exceed _ in any calendar year, PREVENTATIVE MEDICAL LEAVE?



SHOW UP pay for member will be compensated straight time for?

4 hours


Cancellations for overtime days should normally be made at least _ hours in advance and not normally between the hours of _?

4 hours


Member assigned to platoon duty normally works _ 24 hr periods on duty in each _ calendar day period?

"9" 24hrs shifts
"27" calendar day period


Employee assigned to a 4/10 schedule shall work _ hours in each day period?

40 hrs
7 day period


An employee who is scheduled for an OFF-Duty safety watch and is notified of the cancellation of watch prior to reporting to duty, not less than 4 hours prior to shall receive _ hours of pay?

2 hours


An employee who reports for a scheduled SAFETY watch shall receive a minimum _ hours of pay?

4 hours


A FF who allows his/her EMT certificate to expire shall have their EMT bonus terminated?

Beginning of the pay period, following the certificates expiration date


A FF who is off long term IOD/NIOD and whose MET certificate expires shall OBTAIN recertification within?

2 months


A FF whose performance is rated unsatisfactory shall continue to receive longevity pay for?

6 months


Dept. assigned a member to perform the full range of duties of a higher level position, due to TEMPORARY ABSENCE of the INCUMBENT, the acting member shall become eligible for additional compensation upon completion of?

10 consecutive working days


Whenever the Dept. assigns a member on a temporary basis to perform full range of duties of a VACANT HIGHER level position, the acting member shall become eligible for additional pay?

The first day of assignment


4/10 personnel may accumulate _ hours of banked time?

240 hours


Reasonable amount of time for a FF to obtain a representative for representation is a maximum of?

21 calendars


If a FF REPORTS to court while on call, he/she shall receive a minimum of _ compensation at time and a half? And will receive time and a half for every actual _ at court?

2 hours
hour at court


A FF who is summoned to jury duty shall be assigned to an Administrative Detail in an extended trial of _ days or more?

30 days


FAMILY LEAVE a pregnant employee may be eligible for up to _ for CHILDBIRTH disability and up to an additional _ for the purpose of bonding?

4 months 4 months


BONDING LEAVE does not have to be taken in one continuous period of time. The minimum duration of bonding leave is _ and on any TWO occasions is entitled to such leave for a time period of not less than _ but less than _ duration?

2 weeks
1 day
2 weeks


Member on Personal Medical leave may use accrued compensatory time off with?

Managements approval
after Exhaustion of 100% sick leave


Licensed Paramedics shall attend continuing education on an _ basis?

On or off duty basis


Maximum ACCRUED vacation time for a member with more than 10 years of service?

72 calendar days


Who is responsible for paying the fees and expenses of arbitration?

Management and Union