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Is sound a form of movement energy?



What is vibratations?

Fast and continuos movements


How do vibrations make music?

An input energy lîke blowing, hitting starts vibrations. The vibrations move out of the instruments through air and we hear the sound.


What is a sound wave?

The way sound travels through the air


How can sound be to a stone thrown into water?

When you throw a stone little waves move away in all directions. Same as sound, sound energy moves away from the part that is vibrating.


How do we hear sound?

When an object vibrates it makes the air vibrate too. The vibrations move through the air like a wave and we hear the sound.


How can deaf people hear sound?

Through lip movement,voice and body vibrations


Can sound vibrations travel through different materials?



Explain why musical instrument are seen as systems too.

They have parts that work together to make it work. They also need an input energy to produce an output sound energy.


What makes sounds loud or soft?

The amount of input you put in will be how much of output energy you get out. The more you put the louder the sound.


What is the difference between volume and pitch

The volume is how loud or soft a sound is
A pitch is a measure of how high or low a sound is