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give quotes from Mr Birlings speech

"this engagement means a tremendous lot to me"
"you are just the kind of father in law I always wanted"
"for lower costs and higher prices"


give examples of his irony

"i don't often make speaches at you"
"the germans don't want want war"
"unsinkable absolutley unsinkable"


give examples of him criticising socialism

"you'd think we were all mixed up like bees in a hive"
"a man has to mind his own buissness"


give examples of how Mr Birling reacts to Eva's death

"nothing whatever to do with the wretched girls suicide"
"if you soon come down sharply on these people they will soon be asking for the earth"


how Mr birling tries to bribes the inspector

"he's an old friend of mine"
"i'd give thousands yes thousand"