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Act 1- description of Mr Birling

"a heavy- looking rather portentous man.... fairly easy manners"


Act 1 page 2 - structural technique- he relaxes when Edna leaves- he can speak freely

Edna goes out. "Well, well- this is very nice. Good dinner too, Sybil"


Act 1 page 4- Shows him taking authority- turning the conversation from them to him

"Your just the kind of son-in- law I always wanted. Your father and I have been friendly rivals in business for some time now"


Act 1 page 6- Dramatic irony- The audience knows there was a war

"And I say there isn't a chance of war"


Act 1 page 7- Also dramatic irony- Audience knows the Titanic did sink

"The Titanic.... unsinkable absolutely unsinkable"


Act 1 page 10- The door bell cuts Mr Birling off for the first of many times

"Look after himself and his own- and- "
We hear a sharp ring of a front door bell.


Act 1 page 6 - Mr B turns the conservation, again, back to himself and business.

"and I speak as a hard- headed businessman"