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Synovial Joints

- freely movable
- do not touch each other
- bones covered by articular cartilage and separated by synovial cavity with synovial fluid
- ie knee, shoulder


Types of Synovial Joints (3)

- spheroidal: convex surface in concave cavity; flex, extend, abduct, adduct, rotate, circumduct (shoulder and hip)
- hinge: flat, planar; motion in one plane (flex, extend); ie elbow (interphalangeal jts of hand and foot)
- condylar: convex/concave; movement of two articulating surfaces not dissociable; ie knee or TMJ


Cartilaginous Joints

- slightly movable
- ie vertebral bodies of spine


Fibrous Joints

- immovable
- intervening layers or fibrous tissue/cartilage hold bones together
- ie skull sutures


Muscles of the Rotator Cuff

- supraspinatus
- infraspinatus
- teres minor
- subscapularis


Muscles of the Hand

- finger flexion: lumbricals
- finger abduction: dorsal interossei
- finger adduction: palmar interossei