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List the different types of fractures.

1. Transverse (complete separation and fracture is perpendicular to the bone length)
2. Oblique (fracture runs diagonally across the bone, caused by torsion, occurs in tibia, femur, and humerus)
3. Stress (no complete break, common in sportsmen and women, occurs at extremities)
4. Spiral (bone twisted apart and can penetrate the skin, caused by rotational action, occurs during skiing or snowboarding accidents)
5. Greenstick (bone bends and cracks, with cortical disruption on one side and deformity on the other, occurs in children because their bones are softer and flexible)
6. Compression (occurs in the vertebral body)


List and give examples methods of bone repair.

Bone repair involves the re-alignment of the bone and allows natural bone growth to cause the broken bone to fuse together. In severe cases, metal plates and screws can be used to hold the broken bones in place.
1. External fixators & hip replacement via prosthesis
2. Tissue Engineered Biomaterials can stimulate growth


Explain osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a disease which compromises the trabecular structure of bone, significantly reducing its mechanical strength.