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(101.1) Explain the five step process of ORM

Identify Hazards
-Analyze Mission
-List Hazards
-Determine Hazard Root Cause
Assess hazards
-Severity and Probability
Make risk decisions
-Identify Control
-Determine Control
-Make Risk Decisions
Implement controls


(102.1) State the purpose of the Navy Training System

Systematic approach for determining what to train and how best to accomplish that training.


(103.1) List the responsibility of the following: OPNAV

Provides policy for implementing and supporting the DON strategic goals regarding Human Resources, education, and training


(104.1) State the purpose of a Training Requirement Review

Revalidate individual training requirements/ identify new training requirements as they apply to rate, grade, community, or fleet operating procedures


(105.1) Discuss the purpose of OCCSTDS

Minimum skills required of Navy enlisted ratings


(106.1) State the purpose of a Job Duty Task Analysis (JDTA)

A repeatable and defendable job analysis process of a developing or revising training content development in order to satisfy fleet requirements


(107.1) State the purpose of a Front End Analysis

A defendable and repeatable process to determine the best training how to satisfy training requirements


(108.1) State the purpose of a Business Case Analysis

It's a structured methodology to facilitate its decision making process. It's a continuous process from conception of an alternative or solution to implementation


(109.1) State the purpose of the Training Project Plan

Describes all training and training support elements required to provide trained personnel
Provides POA&M to achieve a predetermined implementation date


(110.2) Discuss the items developed in Plan Phase of Task based curriculum development

TPP used as a blueprint for development of a new course or revision


(111.1) State the purpose of a testing program

ensure quality process to effectively assess achievement of learning objective


(112.1) What role does Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology center serve to the PQS program

maintains and ensures pqs availability to the fleet


(113.1) What role does Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center serve to NRTC

maintains, grades, and enters completed NRTC into sailors Electronic Service record


(114.1) What does Naval Training Systems Requirements, Acquisition, and Management provide

to establish policy for planning, determining, and documenting manpower, personnel, and training requirements (ashore, pier-side and afloat)


(115.1) State the purpose of Impaired Training and Education Report (ITER) Policy and Reporting Procedures

process for reporting conditions that may reduce the ability to train and/or educate personnel


(201.1) Describe the purpose of Authoring Instructional Materials (AIM)

AIM is a computer based training materials authoring tool developed by the Navy


(202.1) State the purpose of the Content Planning Module

application to document and map Navy JDTA


(203.1) Discuss and describe the forms of training methods ILE supports

Instructor led
computer based


(204.1) Explain the functionality of: Cetars Menu

allow users to view form 51 of course
data entry for a course in Cetars


(204.1) Cetars Monitor

Allows users to:
Course overview
student activity
quality assurance


(204.1) Discoverer Plus

Decision support for you to perform ad hoc queries