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When did the Louisiana purchased happen?

1803 and finalized the borders between the Texas and Mexico


What happened in 1842 in Monterey California

United States attack California for no reason, which showed Mexico that they were willing to attack if necessary, to bring Texas under US control, and believe that they needed to go to war to annex Texas into the USA, which was 4 years before the war between Mexico and the USA


What is social Darwinist

It is the belief that one group is better than another, in the subjects of power race and wealth and this was the main reason for expanding in the American westward expansion


What is the concept of manifest destiny

That God created one race the white race, that was better than all others and god also gave them the power to take over all others by any means nessisary


In 1846 Mexico and the US went to war what was the main cause of this

It was the dispute of the boundary of the Rio Grande and the Rio nueces


What did Aristotle believe?

That an egalitarian society can happen at any time


What has the main point of Reginald horsemen article "Anglo Saxons and Mexicans"

That the Angola had established a colonial labor system (internal colonialism )to control the Mexicans in the southwest


When Mexico got it's independence from Spain, what happened next to Texas

It was viewer that since Mexico got there freedom from Spain, that Texas to wanted to gain freedom, freedom from Mexico


What was the results from the conflicts between Mexico and Texas

Transcontinental treaty of 1819


When Mexico defeated USA at the Alamo what was the effect

It marked a victory for centeralism in Mexico


When the USA went to live in Oregon they did this settled in a peaceful way why was this

It was because they had the same goals(solidarity)and they were both Anglos and should not fight cause they were the same race and should be united



When the superior race builds government institutions , to control the weaker group, during when slavery was used this was how they used this? To control another less powerful group. Now days this Is still used but under different methods such as thru government establishments such as education, class, an gender and leans more towards a bias for one group over another

Internal colonialism


When usa bough the Louisiana purchase what did some people think in the south west

Due to the fact about the exact border of the Louisiana terrritorie actually was some people in Texas thought it was apart of the USA and USA should push further into the southwest to gain Texas


What did Charles Darwin believe

That races were always competing to be the best, and the race that had dominated all the weaker races, was seen to have the better genes of all other races. Darwin later stated that the whites had the superior genes over all other races


What does Aristotle argue

He argues that a society where everyone can be equal(egalitarian society)can happen anytime


What was important to the United States and Mexico in the 19th century

That they both settle there terror-ties

Mexico gave land grants to anyone who would live in the northern frontier(political tenet)in return would helping establish a government there and would help would help to reduce the Indians being mad(placate)

Usa got most of the land grants, which led to Mexico losing California


What was the link between USA and expansion in the southwest

It was a question to where exactly was the border in Louisiana area, and since there was no answer to that and some people believe that Texas was a part of the Louisiana territory, The United States and became aggressive towards Mexico because they felt that Texas was a part of the Louisiana territory


What different views did Aristotle and Darwin have

Darwin believe that the whites were superior over all other races

Aristotle believed that people can be equal, still with the use of slaves

Therefore Darwin did not agree with what Aristotle views


What different parts of manifest destiny have the protestant applied towards their views on religion

The two major parts was the success that they had and the materials that they obtain overtime, that it they were successful on earth God would allow them to enter heaven and they use this as a basis for expanding westward


when the less dominant is take in by the predominant race and takes on there way of file in order to survive




When 2 cultures come in contact with one another, the minorities identify elements from the dominant group and adopt these to survive in society



Definitions when the other less dominant groups live together and can keep there ethic values and way of life without taking or inheriting the dominates groups way of life