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1. Matt gets angry at his mechanic and takes a swing at this face but misses him. What matt charged with?



2. When is a party’s offence committed?

Before or during the offence


3. Definition of interest in crimes act?

Legal or equitable estate or interest in the property


4. Matt released from prison, discusses burglary with Jeff and john, he does not agree, Jeff and john caught waiting for shop to close, what charged?

Matt should not be charged with conspiracy as he did not agree


5. Todd and Jeff plan to kill cow for cash, todd shoots and gives to Jeff who sells it and gives todd 30%, who charged with what?

Both parties to theft


6. Security guard decides to burgle own work place, drives to work to check alarm so he can burgle it later?

His actions are mere preparation


7. Matt committed crime, goes to girlfriend and tells her, she receives him and hides him from Police, her liability?

Accessory after the fact


8. When can charge of perjury commence?

When recommended by Courts or directed by the Police commissioner


9. Police Sgt watching Constables assault prisoner?

Liable as secondary party to the assault


10. Unlawful benefiting from significant criminal activity?

Unlawful benefit as soon as receive cash from purchases; how deal with cash irrelevant


11. Who can complete restraint application?

Only members of asset recovery units may apply for restraining orders etc


12. Guy kills someone, lies to flatmate and asks her to get rid of clothes, she throws away, next day he comes clean and tell her the truth?

Cannot charge AATF or party


13. Withdrawing from an agreement?

Still guilty of conspiracy if withdraw after agreement made but can withdraw before it made


14. When act physically or factually impossible?

R v Ring (hand in empty pocket), Higgins v Police (cultivates plants thinks cannabis), Police v Jay (hedge clippings thinks cannabis)


15. An innocent agent carries no liability and is not capable of conviction as a secondary party (parties)

15. An innocent agent carries no liability and is not capable of conviction as a secondary party (parties)