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What is Colles fascia?

Fascia of the vulva, connects laterally to the ischiopubic rami and posteriorly with the posterior edge of the perineal membrane


What are the branches of the pudendal artery?

Clitoral, perineal, and inferior hemorrhoidal


What are the fibers of Luschka?

Fibers of the levator ani muscle that meet between the anus and the vagina in the perineal body


What causes numbness of the medial thigh and lateral labia?

Damage to genitofemoral nerve, commonly from pressure from a retractor


What causes numbness over the anterior thigh?

Damage to femoral cutaneous nerve, compression from a retractor blade lateral to the psoas or by too much flexion of the hip in the lithotomy position


Role of obturator nerve

ADDuction of the leg