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Young actors theatre N1

70 Barnsbury road
Sd on L only - Lol only

70 barnsbury road
Spin to sit
F barnsbury road
F thornhill road
L ripplevale grove
R lambert st
R lofting road
R thornhill road
F barnsbury road
Sd on L

Spin to leave
Lol barsbury road
R maygood street
L eckford st=

L barsbury road
Or F tolpuddle st
Or R penton st


Almeida theatre N1

Opposite almeida restaurant

Almeida street N1

Lor =
L or R upper st
1st R battishill st
2nd R Napier terrace


Sainsbury's cab rank N1

Liverpool road N1

lol Liverpool road
L batchelor st
L cloudesley road
L Ritchie st
R Liverpool road


Island queen PH N1

87 Noel road N1
From rheidhol terrace
L at peters st
R Noel road
Sd on R

From city road
L or R wharf road
F at peters st
L Noel road
Sd on R

From Danbury st
L Noel road
Sd on L

Lor Noel road =