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Pope Leo X

Medici, son of Lorenzo de'Medici; became a cardinal at 15; stood staunchly against Luther.


Desiderius Erasmus

student of Gerharde Groote; wrote In Praise of Folly in 1509; corresponded with Luther; wrote Freedom of the Will in 1524.


Martin Luther

known as father of the reformation; translated bible into German; wrote Bondage of the Will


Charles V

Nephew of Catherine of Aragon, father-inlaw of Mary I of England; presided over the Diet of Worms.


Gerharde Groote

Founder of the Brethren of Common Life school for orphaned kids; encouraged the use of Classic literature.


Ulrich Zwingli

Reformer who worked in Zurich; participated in the Marburg Colloquy; died at the Battle of Kappel


John Calvin

He was mentored by Bucer; worked in Geneva, wrote Institutes of Christian Religion


Marin Bucer

Studied at Brethren of Common Life school; became a Dominican friar and a priest; went to England and helped write the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.