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your computer was hit by a virus and now windows
won't start properly. what do you do?

system image recovery tool


windows won't load because you changed a driver

load last good configuration


windows has become unresponsive because of a program you installed.

recover a system restore point
(windows automatically made it before the install)


windows has become unresponsive because you updated a driver.

restart the computer in Safe Mode


what do you do to back up data and user files?

backup and restore center -> backup now


you need to be able to recover system configuration and system data if the hard disk fails

create a Restore Image


you need to perform a complete restore of your computers. what do you do?

2 options: either repair from advanced boot OR
repair from installation media


your system files have become corrupted. what do you do?

use the startup repair tool


you need to recover the system's boot file. what do you do?

use a system repair disk


you got a STOP message and need to load windows FAST. what do you do?

use the last good configuration


the hard disk has failed. what do you do?

use system image recovery tool


have 7, and you installed XP to another partition. now you can't start 7. what do you do?

Startup Repair


the hard disk failed in the middle of USMT's Scanstate. what do you do?

start from WinPE and restore the System Image