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What is moral absolutism?

There are unchanging standards by which moral actions should be judged by, and they should not change on the situation.


What is legalism?

There should be strict adherence to a moral or religious code.


What are the two types of theology?

- natural theology - what we can work out from the world around us
- revealed theology - God head coming down and telling someone something


Name an example of natural theology.

- cosmological arguments


Name an example of revealed theology.

- Krishna telling Arjuna about avanashramadharma
- Angel Gabriel to Mary
- the 10 commandments


Who developed the idea of natural law?

- Thomas Aquinas


What influenced Aquinas' idea of natural law?

- there is nothing in revealed theology that we cannot work out through natural theology.
- there are things in natural theology that have not been revealed through revealed theology
- influenced by Plato's idea of function.
- we try to do good things (our nature), when we get things wrong, we are malfunctioning, i.e. sinning.
- we need to be free to choose between animalistic reflexes (instinct) and choices (rationality).
- in order to be good, we must observe natural law and decide what the key is.


What is Aquinas' natural law?

- We have an inbuilt want to survive
- We want to do good
- We want to continue the human race
- Educate the young
- Worship God