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In what way can God be seen through the natural world?

The human sense of beauty and goodness.


What did Clavin and Aquinas argue in relation to conscience?

Conscience is God-given.


What is fideism?

Fideism is the requirement that revelation is essential for the human mind to know anything about God's existence of nature with certainty.


What is Calvin's Principle of Accommodation?

As a result of human minds being finite and God being infinite, humans find it difficult to know God through creation.


In what way did Calvin's Principle of Accommodation counter fideism?

It shows that God does explicitly reveal himself through the natural world.


Why do some believe that natural theology cannot truly be categorised as Christian theology?

It has the tendency to reduce Christian beliefs to nothing more than human rational level.


What is an example of a way in which Christian beliefs could be reduced to nothing more than human rational level?

Jesus would be no more than an inspired teacher and a prophet.


What was Emil Brunner's belief of 'imago dei'?

Because we are made in the 'Image of God', we can in a small way have some knowledge of Him.


What did Brunner believe in relation to conscience?

"Only because men somehow know the will of God are they able to sin."


What did Barth's drowning man analogy represent?

We are all equally unvirtuous.