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What did Hitler do to establish Nazi control and dictatorship

Hitler formed a legal dictatorship and put in place methods of propaganda and censorship to persuade and encourage all Germany people to support Nazi ideas.


When does Hitler become chancellor

January 1933


When did the Reichstag fire take place

February 1933


When do the Nazis win 288 seats in the Reichstag

March 1933


When was the Enabling Act passed and what was it

March 1933 and gave Hitler the opportunity to enable new laws, without the involvement of the Reichstag


When do the Nazis become the only legal party in Germany

July 1933


When and what was the night of the Long Knives

June 1934, was a Purge which involved the assassination of Hitler and the Nazi Party's enemies


When does President Hindenburg die

July 1934


What does Hitler do in August 1934

Hitler combines the post fo President and Chancellor to become Fuhrer


When does the German army swear allegiance to Hitler

August 1934


What does Hitler do throughout 1938

Over the course of the year, Hitler removes 16 ar,y generals from the positions


How did Hitler incorporate the concept of Removal in establishing Nazi Control

From 1933 to 1934 Hitler removed all opposition and established himself as Fuhrer


How did Hitler control and influence the German people

There was an attempt to control and influence attitudes. This was done by propaganda and terror


Which groups opposed the Nazi regime

The Youth and Churches opposed the Nazi regime