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Landoccupier Lessee/Lessor

  1. Undisclosed dangerous condition
  2. Condition on premises are dangerous to ppl outside the premise
  3. Premises leased for admission of the public
  4. Part lessor retains control of that lessee uses
  5. Lessor contracts to repair conditions or statute requires repairs
  6. Lessor is N in making repairs and lesse is ignorant that repairs were not made or were made N


Independant Contractor non delegable duties

  1. Abnormally dangerous activity
  2. Peculiar risk in way done
  3. Repair of chattel/real property used on or for the business's premise
  4. Repair on the property
  5. contracting of illegal activites
  6. repair of instrumentalies used in highly dangerousn activities
  7. general contractor for subcontractors


Rescruer Doctrine

  1. Rescuers are foreseeble P
  2. The defendant was negligent
  3. The peril or appearance of peril was imminent
  4. A reasonably prudent person would have concluded such peril or appearance of peril existed.
  5. The rescuer used reasonable care in effucating the rescue.