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A lighted heliport may be identified by

a green, yellow, and white rotating beacon


The primary purpose of the tail rotor system is to

counteract the torque effect of the main rotor


During a hover, a helicopter tends to drift in the direction of the tail rotor thrust. This movement is called

Translating Tendency


The upward bending of the rotor blades resulting from the combined forces of lift and centrifugal force is known as



In a helicopter, the center of gravity (CG) range is usually located

A short distance fore and aft of the main rotor mast


The lift differential that exists between the advancing main rotor blade and the retreating main rotor blade is known as

Dissymmetry of lift


Ground resonance is most likely to develop when

A series of shocks causes the rotor system to become unbalanced


The proper action to initiate a quick stop is to

Lower collective pitch and apply aft cyclic


Takeoff from a slope in a helicopter with skid-type landing gear is normally accomplished by

Bringing the helicopter to a level attitude before completely leaving the ground


The proper procedure for a slope landing in a helicopter with a skid-type landing gear is

When parallel to the slope, slowly lower the upslope skid to the ground prior to lowering the downslope skid


Density altitude refers to a theoretical air density that exists under standard conditions at a given altitude. Standard conditions at sea level are

29.92 in Hg (inches of mercury) and 15 degrees Celsius


A helicopter pilot should consider using a running takeoff

When gross weight or density altitude prevents a sustained hover at normal hovering altitude


Foot pedals in the helicopter cockpit enable the pilot to

Control torque effect


If the helicopter is moving forward, the advancing blade will be in the

Right half of the rotor disc


The method of control by which the pitch of all main rotor blades is varied equally and simultaneously is the

Collective pitch control


The combination of factors that will reduce helicopter performance the most is

High altitude, high temperature, and high humidity


The most favorable conditions for helicopter performance are the combination of

Low-density altitude, light gross weight, and moderate-to-strong winds


Chord Line
--> Relative Wind

Angle of Attack


During surface taxiing, the helicopter pilot should use the pedals to maintain heading and the cyclic to maintain

Ground track


The thinner air of higher altitudes causes the airspeed indicator to read "too low." An indicated airspeed of 80mph at 5,000 feet is actually a true airspeed of approximately

88 mph


How does blade rotation create lift?

Laminar flow of air molecules generates a low pressure area above the rotating airfoils relative to under.


How does raising the collective change the angle of attack (AOA) and center of pressure (CP)?

The relative wind to chord line angle increases, and the CP above the blade moves forward


Without changing your altimeter, your true altitude in flight will

Increase with increases in pressure


Changing an altimeter from 29.85 to 30.00 is what apparent change in elevation or altitude?

150 feet increase


Ground effect is best described as

Induced lift caused by decreases in drag due to ground disruption of airfoil upwash, downwash, and blade tip vortices


Assuming no-wind, describe the aerodynamic forces required for stationary hover

Thrust and lift act in the same vertical direction and are both equal to a combined weight and drag


What are the Newton laws of motion

- A body at rest will remain at rest and a body in motion will remain in motion
-Acceleration is a change in magnitude or direction of the velocity vector with respect to time
-For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
-The force required tor produce a change in motion is directly proportional to its mass and rate of change in velocity


What airfoil terminology defines the downward flow of air?

Induced flow


What changes rotational pitch of the rotor blades?

Cyclic pitch control


What is the function of foot pedals in a helicopter?

To move the aircraft about the vertical axis


What is an airspeed indicator (ASI) indication of a clogged static port?

ASI will indicate slower than actual speeds on climbs and faster on descents


During a forward autorotation, the inner 25 percent of blade region is referred to as the

Stall region


Which of the following is NOT a factor for weight and balance calculations?

Angular momentum


Tactical terrain flight at night up to a level of 25-feet-tall trees and obstacles is called what?

Nap-of-the-earth (NOE) flight


Which of the following is NOT a consideration when using NVGs?

Objects with poor reflective surfaces such as wires and suspension lines are easier to see


What is a Fenestron?

An anti-torque rotor that uses forced air through slots and rotating nozzle (protected tail rotor)


What is not an effect of ice build-up on your airfoil?

Decreased AOA


What chart uses a 1:500,000 scale?

Sectional aeronautical charts


What happens when you push forward on cyclic pitch in a two-bladed rotor system?

Gyroscopic precession exposed to differing blade AOA occurns 90 degrees from stick deflection


What control surfaces are manipulated to initiate a left roll in a fixed wing aircraft?

Left aileron moves down, right aileron moves up