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What are the APGAR score criteria?

- Appearance: 2=pink, 1=acrocyanosis, 0=all over cyanosis.
- Pulse: 2=>100, 1=<100, and 0=absent
- Grimace: 2=cry on stimulation, 1=grimace on suction or extensive stimulation, 0=no response to stimulation
- Activity: 2=flexed arms and legs that resist extension, 1=some flexion, 0=none
- Respiratory: 2=strong, robust cry, 1=weak, irregular gasping, 0=absent


What is the best position for baby to breastfeed?

Belly-to-belly - can be in any position (e.g. laying on side) as long as belly of mom and baby are touching. This allows for best latch


What are signs that baby is getting sufficient milk?

3-4 stools and 6 wet diapers in 24 hrs, weight gain, and sounds of swallowing while breastfeeding.


What are benefits of steroid administration from 24 to 34 wks gestation (e.g. betamethasone) for baby?

Reduces the incidence and severity of RDS, the need for surfactant, intracerebral hemorrhage and necrotizing enterocolitis in the newborn


What adverse effects for newborn babies are associated with third trimester SSRI use?

Abnormal muscle movements (EPS) and withdrawal symptoms (agitation, abnormally increased or decreased muscle tone, tremor, sleepiness, severe difficulty breathing and difficulty feeding)


What diseases is an infant at risk for later in life if they had fetal growth restriction?

Cardiovascular disease, HTN, stroke, COPD, type 2 DM, and obesity. Also at risk for cognitive delay.


What is the definition of macrosomia?

Fetus greater than 4,000 grams


What is the cutoff for fetal growth restriction?

Weight <10th percentile for gestational age


How is neonatal thyrotoxicosis (maternal anti-TSH receptor antibodies in infant's circulation) treated?

Methimazole plus a beta-blocker. Symptoms should resolve in ~3 months when antibodies are out of baby's circulation.


How soon after birth do Gonococcal and Chlamydial conjunctivitis emerge?

Gonococcal - 2nd-5th day of life
Chlamydial - 5th-14th days of life