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What are the important components of .Net?

Common Language Runtime, .Net Class library, Common Type System


What is JIT or Just In Time?

The JIT compiler converts Intermediate Language to Native code. JIT stands for Just-in-Time which means that code gets compiled when it is needed, not before runtime.


What is meant by Globalization and Localization?

Globalization is developing applications to support different languages.
Localization means changing an already globalized app to cater to a specific culture or language.


What is a Garbage Collector?

Garbage collection is the process of freeing up unused code objects in the memory.


What is Caching?

Caching is the storing of data temporarily in the memory so that the application can access the data from the cache instead of looking for its original location. This increases application performance.


What is the GAC?

The GAC or Global Assembly Cache is a folder in Windows directory to store the .NET assemblies that are specifically designated to be shared by all applications.


What is an Assembly?

An assembly is a collection of logical units resources which are required to build and deploy an application using the .Net framework. They are portable and executable. They are a collection of Exe and Dlls.


What are the 4 parts of an Assembly?

1. Manifest – The assembly metadata which contains information about the version of an assembly.
2. Type Metadata – Binary information of the program.
3. MSIL – Microsoft Intermediate Language code.
4. Resources – List of related files.


What is Managed Code?

Code that runs inside the .Net Framework Common Language Run-time instead of the operating system directly, is called managed code. The CLR handles garbage collection, type checking and exceptions handling.


What is Intermediate language?

Intermediate language is an object-oriented assembly language that the .Net compiler generates from source code. Upon execution, the JIT compiler takes the IL (.exe and .dll) files and converts them to bytecode to run on the CLR.


What is AppDomain?

Application Domain is a logically isolated container in which .NET code runs.
DLLs can be loaded and unloaded in an app domain without it affecting code running in another app domain.
Also, untrusted third party DLLs can be run in their own app domain with less privileges applied to that app domain container.