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why is no network completely immune to security threats

- because as organisations develop new security measures
- hackers develop new ways around them


what is the role of network security

to minimise the chances of unauthorised access


what is cyber security or network security

protecting computers from threats


how is good cyber security build from the ground up

- as code is being developed for any program
- it should be checked my multiple people
- code reviews can help to avoid the problems a code might have


what are the questions that should be asked when asking multiple people to check developing code in terms of its cyber security

- would it be possible for an outside user to abuse this code
- does it contain any vulnerabilities
- is the programmer leaving a back door for someone to enter the system later


what should a code be robust enough

to only provide data to those who are authorised to receive it


what does validation involve and how does it do this

- it involves checking the user is who they say they really are
- this can be done through a password or biometric measure


what does authentication involve and how does it do this

- it involves ensuring the user is entitled to access what they are trying to reach
- like you would not want a costumer to be able to view employee data
- but you want them to view their own account


why is useful to make sure that a human being rather than a machine is using the computer

because a lot of cyber attacks are carried out by computers and programs


what are the two examples of a system making sure that a human is using a computer rather than a computer and how does it work

- captcha
- where a blurry or difficult to read set of characters have to be entered
- or have a user verify an access attempt
- by having the user click on a link in an e mail


what is the effect of a software being installed in a system regarding hackers

- hackers have an opportunity to introduce viruses
- or attempt SQL injection attacks


what do security patches do and why are they made

- they protect against identified security threats
- developers create them to combat the hacking of software


why should someone download the most recent and most secure version of a program and anti malware software

because the most recent version is needed to deal with the most recent malware


what is ethical hacking or penetration testing

when an individual attempts to hack into a system with a view to identifying weaknesses


who do ethical hackers work with and what is their significance

- they work with software developers
- and their findings allow for the production of more secure programs


what are network forensics

using software to track the identities of anyone trying to access the system


what do network forensics allow us to do

- although they dont prevent the penetration of a software
- they allow for the perpetrators to be identified and caught
- which prevents future attacks


what is the low tech solution to cyber attacks

- the use of network and policy documents
- it spells out hat network users can and cant do
- and cover factors such as password complexity or a guidance on e mail attachments


what is are the three ways that you can increse the protection of a system

- use firewalls to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information
- use anti malware to detect and remove viruses or spy ware trying to infect the system or do sql injections
- use encryption so that interceptes data can't be used or read