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Where and when was never let me go set

1990s Norfolk in England just after the war
Norfolk was the place where medical advances occurred


Give examples of where loss is seen in the novel

Loss of comfort and protection of hailsham when they move to the cottages
Whole life resembles loss of freedom
Loss of hope and opportunity
When Kathy loses Judy bridge water tape
When tommy finds the tape he gives freedom to Kathy because she goes on to become a carer whereas he doesn't.


Give examples of when fear is Seen in the novel

Madames fear of the hail sham students
Ruth's pretending eg imaginary horses at the start of the book and the leaflets for an office job. She pretends to hide the real meaning of her life and what her purpose is.
Speaking out about theories and ideas to the guardians
The forest- outside of hailsham


Give examples of when friendship is seen in the novel

They have nothing but friend ship
Kathy cares the most- she cares for tommy and wants the hailsham lot to stick together
Ruth at the end of the novel says how tommy and Kathy should get a deferral and apologises for keeping them apart- we see an insecure Ruth towards the end, this could show she's reflecting and becoming weaker as she approaches completion


Give examples of euphemisms in the novel

"Completions" instead of dying


Give the quotation that symbolises the boat

Stranded in the marshes


Give the quotationS that refers to how Madame views the hailsham students

Poor creatures

She was afraid of us in the same way someone was scared of spiders


Give a quotation that states the song lyrics of never let me go

Love me tender love me sweet never let me go


Give a quotation that presents miss emily in the theme of secrecy

Wandering round hailsham in a dream
This portrays secrecy and that miss emily is constantly thinking about things and the effect hailsham has on her


Give a quotation that portrays Ruth's imagination and disbelief of her fate

She always wanted to believe in things


Give a quotation that contrasts Ruth from Kathy and how Kathy shows her kindness through this

I accepted the invisible rain that she was holding out of me


Give quotation that talks about the forest around hailsham

A dark fringe of trees


How could you describe never let me go

An analogy of life


What could be a a symbol for animalistic views on doners from a clone

Tommys animal drawing show animals
Animals can be caged and their death is controlled by humans and they are here for us


She has a bedsit but we never see her in it, what could this symbolise

We always see her travelling and that her life is a journey that is set up for her, following her path of life


Why is friendship a prominent theme in never let me go

Without it they'd have nothing, they'd be completely isolated


Why are there hardly any male guardians

Women have maternal instincts to look after the children, hailsham tries their best to do this


How does kazuo ishiguro use fear to guide the plot

The fear the children are given and have guide them and make them stay on the certain path they have to take. The fear controls them.


How does kazuo Ishiguro represent the theme of fear from an outsiders perspective
Give quotation.

There would always be a barrier against the world seeing you as properly human


Give a quotation that shows Kathy to be an unreliable narrator

I don't know how it was where you were, but at hailsham we had some sort of medical almost every week


How does Ishiguro present fear through setting

The dark fringe of trees
(Forest and fences surrounding hailsham)
The fences separate clones from the humans


Give a quotation that represents fear of not accepting
And this quotation is one of the first times as a read we feel that the characters are being honest with us

We all know it. We're modelled from trash. Jinkies, prostitutes, winos, tramps.



In the quotation - We all know it. We're modelled from trash. Jinkies, prostitutes, winos, tramps.
What device is used and how does it have an impact

It is very to the point, avoiding the truth for so long and finally Ruth says it.
Spoken very venomously and ruthlessly which is ironic as Ruth spoke it


Give a quotation that portrays the fear of the future and theme of secrets

If you knew for sure you'd complete, it would be easier. But they never tell us for sure


What is asyndeton

No punctuation or conjunctions between parts of a sentence e.g. Lists without commas