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What are the internet sources available for immunizations?

CDCV app Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Center for Disease Control and Prevention Red Book – Pediatric immunizations and infectious disease


What are the live attenuated viruses?

"Mr. V Zip" MMR Rotavirus Varicella Zoster (Herpes) Influenza (oral) Polio (oral)


What does CNX innervate in terms of the Pharynx?

"Vegas has no style" All but the Stylopharyngeus


What does CNXI innervate in terms of the Larynx?

"Crikey, Steve Irwin had an 11-foot python" - true fact, on his 6th bday All but the cricoid muscle.


What is resistance against gravity but not an external force measured as?

1/5 = slight contraction 2/5 = gravity is a no go 3/5 = gravity is a go 4/5 = you weak 5/5 = you healthy


What is UMN weakness described as?

"The Egyptians built their pyramids extending upward" Pyramidal - weak extensors in arms, weak flexors in their legs Peripheral is characteristic of LMN, and is the opposite (weak flexors in arms, weak extensors in the legs"


What nerve roots do the abdominal, cremasteric, and anal reflex test?

Abdominal = T10-T12 Anal = S4 -S5 Cremasteric = L1 (afferent) to L2 (efferent)


How do the following responses stimulate wakefulness? Alertness Lethargy Obtundation Stupor Coma

Alertness = Speak to them, they respond (normal) Lethargy = Speak to them loudly, they respond then sleep Obtundation = Shake them, slow response/confusion Stupor = Painful stimuli, poor response/none at all Coma = Nada


What are the differences of Kernig's vs Brudzinskis signs in meningitis?

Kerning's is "Kerning (turning) the leg" --> extend hip, pain felt when extending Knee. Brudzinkis is elevating head causes the knees to rise.


What is decorticate posturing?

Arms flexed, legs stiff and extended. Reminds me of a little kid taking a shot on a basketball CORT.


What is hordeolum vs chalazion?

"Hordeolum is a whore who wears too much eyeliner." Painful, inflamed/blocked Meibomian gland along the lash line. "Chalazion = chill guy who you'd let IN your house to meet your grandma." No pain, blocked Meibomian gland, in the eye lid, normal granulomous process.


What are the 3 diseases mentioned in worsening order that are associated with ciliary injection?

"CIA" Corneal Abrasion (infection/bacteria) Acute Iritis Acute Angle Glaucoma


What is SNOOP stand for in assessing danger symptoms of headaches?

Systemic symptoms, illness, or condition (Fever, wt loss, cancer, pregnancy, immunocompromised) Neuro symptoms or signs (confusion, papilledema) Onset is new (older then 50 yo or sudden thunderclap headache) Other associated conditions (Head trauma, illicit drug use, worse with Valsalva maneuvers, precipitated by sex, etc.) Previous HA history with HA progression or change


What are the three components of a dizziness workup?

TiTrATE Timing of the symptom (onset, duration, evolution of symptoms) Triggers (actions, movements, or situations) And a Targeted Examination


What are the B vitamins and their bolded sources?

"Then Richard N Peter Friended* Charles" B1 = Thiamine - legumes B2 = Riboflavan - wheat germ/leafy vegetables B3 = Niacin - legumes/wheat B6 = Pyridoxine B9 = Folate - Leafy greens (destroyed in cooking) B12 = Cobalamin - None in Plants


What are the plant sources of calcium and iron?

Dark leafy greens, tofu, broccoli, and cauliflower. Lentils also have iron.


What are the plant sources of fat-soluble vitamins?

"DAKE" D - mushrooms A - dark green and yellow vegetables & tomatoes K - plant/fruits E - wheat germ/avocado


What assists in the absorption of iron?

Abscorbic acid or Vitamin C


What is this and what is it caused by?

Papilledema caused by increase in ocular pressure.


What is this and what is it caused by

Cotton wool spots due to Diabetes or HTN


What is this and what is it caused by?

Gluacomatous cuping. (Gluacoma)


What is this and what is it caused by?

Retinal Proliferation caused by HTN and DM


What is this and what is it caused by?

Drunsen bodies, precursor to Macular Degeneration


What is the NURSE acronym?

Name - identify the emotion in a suggestive manner.

Understand - Confirm you understand the feeling by discussing their experience and listenling activly, not your own.

Respect- Five verbal and nonverbal evidence that their reaction is important, accept the view, and match the tone

Support - Give a vareity of helpful sources, provide opportunity to participate in decision making and validate their efforts to cope.

Explore - Target Questions to the specifics of what the person has said


Upper Extremety Nerve Testing





Motor Function Testing Dermatomes