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o Growing up in the north, I know how friendly Newcastle can be, that’s the sort of place I want to grow and develop my skills
o Near the beach
o Vibrant arts and culture scene
 The Baltic/Laing Art Gallerie
 Theatre Royal/Customs House/Tyneside theatre
o Beautiful city
o Quayside
o Great food and drink
 From fancy places like Miller and Carter to the insane amount of Greggs in the city centre
o Great transport links form the metro and bus services
o Close to great open spaces like National Trust
o Good transport links to wider areas through the train station
o Lots of independent businesses
o Wide range of shops, Eldon Square and Metro Centre just a bit away



o Progressive
 Great work in sustainability
• Tree planting in Kielder Forest
 Commitment to gender equality
• Athena Swan Award in Gender Equality
o Renowned for excellent quality of teaching
o Diverse, with an international lot of students
o Amazing research opportunities (leading in ageing and health)
o Wide range of societies and extracurricular opportunities
o Good student’s union
o Don’t like how its so close to home, but this isn’t really a problem



o Input from other professions allied to medicine, such as nursing, and from the social care and voluntary sectors
 Feel this is very important as get to learn about multidisciplinary team (important to whole patient care)
o Have heard that the range and quality of SSC’s available at Newcastle are good
 I am interested in taking the opportunity to learn more about specific things I become interested in
o Integrated curriculum
 Gives clinical context on which to develop their core knowledge
o Case led learning
 Allows to make links between basic science and clinical practice
o Clinical Leaning Centres
o Regional medical school
 4 ‘base units’
• Northumbria
o Differing communities (city vs rural)
o Largest mental health and disability trusts in England
• Tyne
o Close relationship with GP in and around city
• Wear
o Have experience with Sunderland Royal, know it to be good
• Tees
o James Cook
• All have excellent reputation for foundation programs
o ECCE’s seem good (early clinical and community experience)
 Develop professional identity
 Motivates learning
 Understanding patient perspectives
o Teaching Methods
 Case-led teaching
• Using clinical cases to help make the links between new knowledge and clinical practice
• Example
o A case of stroke can be used to learn and teach the nervous system, cardiovascular system, clinical skills, pharmacology, Public Health and communication skills
o Assessment Methods
 MLA at end of course
• Academic test and practical test
o Not looking forward to mental health bit, will still give my all though