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What is a collapse zone?

Area around the building atleast 1.5 times the hight of the building involved that should be considered as dangerous.


Elevated master stream

A fire stream in excess of 350gpm that is deployed from an aerial device.



A wall like barrier at the edge of a roof, terrace, balcony or pther structure


Scrub area

The area od the building that the aerial tip or elevated platform can effectively reach


1st due truck

360° lap
Position for turn table/ladder ops
Force entry
Seach and rescue
Ventilation with coordination of engine company
Place portable ladders
Locate fire
Salvage and overhaul


2nd due truck

360° lap
Position opposite the first due truck
Coordinate ventilation
Place ground ladders
Assist first due truck
Report to floor above the fire
Control utilities


Most important factors to determine positioning?

Immediate victim rescue that is beyond the reach of ground ladders

Master stream operations


When two truck companys are to be placed on the same side of the building they should try to be parked front bumper to front bumper? T/F

True. Although not ideal it will make ground ladder selection easier.


What is set back?

The horizontal distance from the building to the turn table.


Lateral (side to side) grades can be corrected using the stabilizers upto what %?

5-6% side to side


You should pull past a building and work off the back to the ladder truck when the building is located on a lateral grade? T/F

True. Pull past and working off the rear is preferred


Minimum distance of ___ feet should be maintained when working near power lines?

10 feet minimum at all times.


What are ground support devices?

Devices intended specifically for public safety opperations and may be present in and around buildings and streets. These could be reinforcements for out riggers or access points.


Outriggers should never be placed on manhole covers, electrical vaults, storm sewers or curbs not supported by sidewalk. T/F

True. These are very unsuitable places for outriggers.


What is "Short Jacking"?

Having the outriggers in a non fully deployed position due to obstructions or limitations on space.


When short jacking you can work off the side that is short jacked? T/F

False. Safety limitators will keep you from working off the short jacked side unless overrides are used.


What type of Ariel unit should take side Alpha on a strip shopping center fire?

Tower ladder


Minimum staffing on a truck company in NOVA?

One officer
One driver/Operator
One firefighter


Common types of Rapid Key Entry systems?

Knox Box system
Supra Key system
Lock-Box system


Control of utilities is a job function of the truck company? T/F

True. Only if this task cam be done safely. May require the untility company. Gas and electricity should be secured as fast as possible.


What is salvage?

Salvage is property conservation, often overlooked but an important step to limit damage to owners possessions.


What is overhaul?

Overhaul is a thorohgh and deliberate check for fire extention.


What should be done prior to overhaul operations?

Make sure building is safe to work in, thay crews are ready ans prepared to overhaul, all investigations are complete and safety precautions are still in place.


Conventional wood roof construction typically uses what size support members as a minimum?



What is lightweight roof construction?

Unlike conventional construction, lightweight construction dose not derive its strength from the shear mass of the lumber but from result of geometry and individual, lighter weight members that are in compression and tension.


The strength of a light-weight truss is dependent on each component? T/F

True. If one single component fails the overall truss system may fail.


What is the common size lumber used in light-weight construction?

2x3 or 2x4 non dementional lumber, meaning not truly to size.


The first floor of a light weight construction that is three stories or larger will use what size lumber?



Gable roof

Typically an A-Frame type of roof that consists pf a ridge poll and rafters that extend down to to a beam that rests on the outside wall. Ordinary or conventional construction


Cape cod style roof

Steeper than a Gable type roof could have added dormers and knee walls. Provides open spaces if larger limber is used.


What is the dangers of dormers and knee walls?

Could be a path for fire travel and or a void space for hidden fire if not checked.


Barn style roofs

4 sided type roof with multiple void spaces also known as a gambrel roof


Hip roof

Constructed much like a gable roof but all walls are load bearing.


Bridge truss roof

Primarily used on commercial and warehouse buildings. Normally constructed with heavy grade construction materials.


Trussed Arched Roof

Seen many commercial buildings from the 1930,40,50s. The underside of the truss may be exposed depending on the occupancy. Collapse potential is great.


Bow string truss roof

Uses the arch shape.Steel cables and turnbukles are used to prevent the arch from pushing out the supporting walls. The tie backs may fail early into the incident causing catastrophic collapse.


Flat roof

Constructed of light weight wood and plywood sheathing or metal decking insulation and rubber and tar membrane covers with heavy rocks. Multiple hazards and potential for fire spread and growth.


What is a rain roof?

Essentially a second roof placed over the existing roof. These will cause multiple issues with fire spread and ventilation.


Architectural projection that provides weather protection, occupancy identification, decoration and is supported by the building to which it is attached is a?



When sizing up a facade how can you tell where the roof line is?

By looking for the scuppers. These will id the roofline as drainage points.