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During a 2nd Alarm or greater which unit establishes the "base"?

1st on Engine on 2nd Alarm


Who is inital "Base Officer" in 2nd alarms or greater?

Engine driver of 1st Engine in 2nd alarm.


As the 3rd Engine (lobby control) on a high rise, what is the Engine Drivers responsibility?

Elevator control. (Obtain keys, recall elevators, firemans service, deliver companies to proper floor) 2 floors below fire.


Where should sprinkler control valve locations be found?

Building Preplan


Natural Movement of air with a tight-sealed building due to the temeperature difference between the air inside and outside the structure is called?

Stack Effect


True or False
Horizontal Ventilation should be performed on wind-driven fires?



What is the difference between Residential and Commercial Highrises?

Residential highrises contain primarily living and sleeping quarters while a commercial highrise is characterized by center core construction.


What makes smoke hard to control inside an atrium?

Many floors can be simultaneously exposed to smoke and fire conditions.


Describe a Scupper?

Drain on the roof of a building, can be used to pinpoint the roof level in a Facade.


After 1976 generally speaking, how far should a hydrant be located away from the FDC?

100 ft


Should the well-hole be used to advance a hoseline in a stairwell?

No, unless the technique has been practiced and is efficent.


2nd Due Engine Company Drivers Responsibility

Establish Water Supply, must remain with apparatus.


For an FDC what size of hoseline and how many connections need to be made?

3" or bigger. All connections at the FDC shall be supplied.


3rd Due Engine Driver Responsibility.

Establish water supply to the secondary FDC (if one exists) if so, driver remains with apparatus. If none are present, abandon rig with crew and head to floor above the fire.


Where do the 1st and 2nd due trucks park once on scene?

1st due on side Alpha unless fire can be readily identified. If so, the truck should park on the fire side of the building if its accessible.

2nd due position opposite the first truck (Truck company, unless fire or victim are within reach of aerial, crew shoukd enter structure) Tower ladder, bucket should be raised to the level of fire and remain ready.


Engine companies on the 2nd alarm and greater shall bring what to the staging location?

At least 2 air cylinders.