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What are Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)?

Weapons that can Kill Large Numbers of People and Cause Great Damage.


What are Chemical Weapons?

Weapons that Use Chemicals to Harm Humans and Destroy the Natural Environment.


What are Biological Weapons?

Weapons that Use Living Organisms to Cause Disease or Death.


There are Five Reasons for the Catholic Church's Opposition to Nuclear Was. These Reasons Apply to Using Other Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), such as Chemical and Biological Weapons. What are the Five Reasons?

- The Effects of These Weapons are Completely Indiscriminate.
- The Effects of these Weapons are Totally Disproportionate to Any Possible Success that Might Follow on From their Use.
- With WMD the Possibility of Success is Small.
- The Cost of Researching, Building and Maintaining WMD is so Great that a Considerable Amount of a Country's Military Budget has to be Spent on them.
- The Possession of WMD by any Country Increases Tension and Fear.


What does Pacem In Terris Say About Just War Theory?

"Nothing is Lost by Peace, Everything May Be Lost by War."


In Britain Today there are Major Differences of Opinion about the Possession and Use of ______. Britain Already has a Number of ___________ Weapons.



Other People Maintain that Britain should het Rid of All its ______. They would Argue that Somebody has to Start the Process of Disarmament and it's Britain's ________________ to do so.