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The New Testament Contains Teachings that Suggest there are Situations where the Limited Use of Violence is ___________.



In the Early Days of Christianity, Christians ___________ to Fight in Wars or Disputes as they didn't Accept they has the Right to Take the _______ of Another Person.



Christian Thinkers Devised a List of Conditions that Made Fighting a War _______________. Over the Centuries, these Conditions were Refined and Became Known as the Just War ________.



The Official Position of the Catholic Church on Going to War is Stated in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. What do these Conditions Mean?

- Only a Legitimate Authority can Declare War.
- A Country shouldn't go to War without a Serious and Just Reason.
- We Should only be Declared if All other Means of Settling the Dispute have been Tried and Failed.
- A Country shouldn't go to War if there's No Reasonable Chance of Success.
- Any Use of Weapons has to be Limited to what is Needed to Bring about a Lasting Peace.
- Innocent People or Civilians shouldn't be Attacked.


The Aim of the Theory is to Limit the Use of War to Settle ___________. The Catholic Church Accepts that there are Times when _______ has to be Used. However, it Believes that when a Country goes to War, it should be Because there is no Workable ______________.



Many People in Britain think the British _______ Should Only Go to War in a Country when there has Clearly been a Major Abuse of ________ or there Exists a Serious, Lasting Threat to the __________ of Britain.



Of Course Many People Believe that it's Much Better if there's No _____, Just or Not, and that ___________ Together to Avoid Situations is Better.



Some People think that the Just War Theory is ___________ as it Could be Seen to Endorse or Defend the __________ of War. Others Think that the Just War Theory is No Longer Relevant to Warfare in the ___st Century.